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Reading my articles you might have gotten the impression that I am against psychics or don’t believe in them, that’s not the case though. I think you can get very valuable information from a psychic read that can really help you move forward in life, your Twin Flame journey and on your Ascension path. I have absolutely no problems with calling in the expertise of a psychic from time to time, as this can give you valuable information for your own healing.

What I do have a problem with is how most people in the Twin Flame collective abuse psychic reads in ways that are neither constructive or healthy. I see way too many people wasting large sums of money (that could actually be spent on their healing) on psychic reads that tap into their Divine Masculine’s energy, that claim to confirm their connection, that tell them that they are waiting for their Divine Masculine to catch up with them (This is NEVER true!) or that tell them when they will be in union and so on and so forth.

I also see people use psychic reads as anxiety pills to suppress their immense fear of loss, their feeling of powerlessness and general feeling of being completely out of control and so instead of facing these feelings and surrendering the connection they run from psychic to psychic to regain a sense of control – which is an utter illusion. Without the every so often reads they become completely obsessive and frantic about their connection, which is a very unhealthy place to be.

The same applies to YouTube psychic reads, if you don’t watch out you will be like the majority of the Twin Flame collective watching reading after reading (wasting endless hours) waiting for union and union will never come because you have not done the inner (healing) work to align to union.

This is why I am very picky when it comes to readers and also because many Divine Feminines open up a YouTube channel to serve the collective when they themselves have done insufficient healing, this leads to misinformation, teaching from their own wounding and some of them even disappearing into thin air out of nowhere, because they got disappointed in their own journeys. Not to mention all of the bullsh*tters out there, who have no clue whatsoever.

Stay away from psychic hotlines

But whatever you do PLEASE don’t call psychic hotlines that charge you by the minute, they become very addictive, very expensive and the people working there are really not the kind of people you want checking in on the energy of your connection. These people are grossly underpaid and speak to way too many clients in one day, they are like a Mac Donald’s Drive thru when it comes to the quality they have to offer. Junk food!

Instead book with someone who will really take the time for you, it may seem more expensive because they have a fixed price in a higher price range – but listen up 30 minutes on a call at $3 a minute is $90!!!! $3 a minute seems to be much more affordable but it adds up quickly.

I know one Twin Flame teacher that promotes such psychic hotlines as a way to get into touch with Twin Flame experienced psychics, this is because every client she provides this hotline gives her a bonus of over a $100. You see these companies are so big they have what you call affiliate programs, which means that you can integrate their hotline into your website to look as if you have your own selection of psychics when in fact they are just listing from the general database from the psychic hotline.

These aren’t so called ‘Twin Flame advisors‘, they are random psychics – who are online at that moment on the affiliated psychic hotline. The person recommending this psychic hotline, cashes in on every single person that becomes a client through her website.

A reduced fee for the first 10 minutes is offered, to lure in new clients and get them hooked, line and sinker.

This is not the right kind of energy to expose your Twin Flame connection to, your connection deserves the expertise of high vibed experts that are truly familiar with the Twin Flame dynamic and the inner journey. You don’t want to be talking to psychics who have 30 to 50 clients a day and who are constantly tapping into other people’s energies.

I want to connect you to the right kind of psychics

Let me share with you the readers I recommend. These are psychic readers that have done their own healing work and will help you better understand what you need to heal yourself.

In all transparency I DO NOT receive any commission on any sessions booked with readers through my website. I earn more than enough money on my own services, products and program. I have created this resource for the benefit of the Twin Flame collective, in order to connect you to professionals that know their stuff and who will assist you on your journey.

Having gone through some disappointing experiences myself, including being told my twin was not my twin unsolicited, when I had booked a session to look into my deeper wounding and many more appalling and ridiculous encounters with would be psychics and healers. That’s why I want to share with you the resources that do work and that will get you the results you seek. There are a lot of nut jobs out there and I want to spare you the pain, frustration and disappointment I had to go through to find people truly aligned and tapped into Source.

As the big sister to the Twin Flame collective I have vowed to help you become unstuck in your journey, there are way too many Twin Flames running around in circles. With sharing resources such as these I want to help you and all the other twinnies, get to where you need to be on your Twin Flame journey.

For YouTube readers I recommend:

I personally love pick a card readings because it allows for a more personalized experience, instead of the general readings for the Twin Flame collective that speak to a lot more people at the same time. They are also much shorter, which doesn’t take up so much of your time.

I recommend you open the videos in YouTube to choose the correct time stamps or card reading.

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My Inner Knowledge

To book one on one sessions I recommend:

Elle Klein – Personal Oracle/Energy & Divine Counterpart Readings

Elle calls Melbourne Australia home. Originally from Israel, Elle learned about the duality of life from a young age.

Being a highly sensitive yet passionate soul, her life’s mission has always been to reach her highest spiritual potential and by doing so assist others who are seeking the same spiritual path.

Elle has a keen interest in Divine unions, Twin Flames and Sacred Sexuality. She provides guidance to those walking the path of high vibrational relationships, in understanding the nature of these unions and their purpose.

Elle is blessed with a very strong intuitive sense and can feel emotions just as clearly as physical sensations. Through her journey of self-discovery and powerful personal transformations, Elle learned how to utilise and integrate her gifts . She now shares her knowledge to help others unlock and master their own spiritual abilities. Elle is a true starseed and has always had a deep love and resonance with the cosmos.

You can find more information about Elle and her work through her Facebook page or Youtube channel, Priestess Light.

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Zahra Damjanovic – Intuitive Guidance & Divine Partnership Readings

My name is Zahra. I am an intuitive and an empath walking this crazy ass ascension journey alongside the rest of you. My awakening began through what I originally thought was a Twin Flame situation. That ended up being a powerful catalyst for my own healing, growth, awakening, ascension and divine mission. As tumultuous as it was, I’m unwaveringly grateful for it.

This whole journey has shown me that faith and self love, on every aspect, dimension, and body, is key for our ascension. I’m here now, equipped with my experience, my background in counselling, reiki, and my divine gifts, to help you find that faith and self love healing.

I offer support services in the form of intuitive guidance readings which include tarot and oracle cards, downloads from source, and a lot of healing, loving energy.

You can find more information about Zahra and her work through her Facebook – Guidance by Z.

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