7 expectations you have to let go of, to clear out unneeded disappointment on the Twin Flame journey

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It seems to be ingrained in the Twin Flame experience

Disappointment almost seems to go hand in hand with the Twin Flame connection…

Here you have met the love of your life, the man or woman that you want to spend the rest of your life with and then they seem to be ripped out of your life just as quickly as they have entered it. Whether it’s because your twin ran or the Universe built in some space between you, distance one way or the other often seems to be part of this journey. This isn’t the case for every twin flame couple, but for a whole group of twin’s this is their experience. Especially when your twin runs away from you, you might feel as if the Universe showed you this fantastic deep love, only to snatch it away again.

How can you not feel disappointed, when you feel you have lost the love of your life?

It is one of the biggest illusions on the Twin Flame journey however, because first off you cannot lose the love that rightly belongs to you and secondly your twin never really leaves you no matter what outer appearances look like. You are forever connected to each other and no one can sever that connection, no outer force or persons – not even you or your twin.

When first separated after reconnecting with your twin in this lifetime, it might feel as if they will never come back, but trust me they will. If you are truly in a Twin Flame connection, they will always come back to you.

Expectations are your worst enemy on the Twin Flame journey

It is actually not the Twin Flame connection itself that is disappointing, it’s your expectations of the Twin Flame experience and your expectations towards your twin that lead to disappointment. In this article I will discuss the most common expectations that create the MOST disappointment on this journey. When you can let go of these expectations, you will shift out of disappointment. This will allow you to experience your Twin Flame journey again, as the amazing adventure it is meant to be.

Expectation #1 – Expecting romance

The very first expectation you need to let go of is expecting the Twin Flame experience to be the romantic fairy tale you always dreamed of. It isn’t and it is not meant to be. This is so much more than just another ‘boy meets girl’ story. It really is a Divine mission, you can download the Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto to find out more about the true nature of the Twin Flame connection.

Sure you will have very romantic moments with your twin, yes you can definitely end up together as a couple – but you are meant to be so much more than that and therefor the Universe and your souls will keep you two apart until you are ready to be to each other what you are meant to be and that is just so much more then boyfriend or girlfriend or even husband or wife. It transcends everything you ever thought was possible, so do yourself a favor and stop aiming for 3D romance.

It’s not what you two are meant to be.

When you can let go of expecting romance, you can be moved into what the Universe and your souls have lined up waiting for you. Expect a happy end, without outlining what that happy end looks like and above all be patient cause building such a miraculous relationship, means laying a strong and firm foundation – which takes time.

Expectation #2 – Expecting to be together

Even those twins that are in daily contact, often are faced with physical distance between them. Because there is so much inner work that needs to be done, you need time alone to do the work. Remember you are laying the foundation for something completely out of this world magical, you don’t need to be together with your twin to do this.

In fact it is the distance that is protecting your union and keeping things from escalating beyond repair. If you and your twin were together while all this past pain was being triggered, chances are you would take it out on each other. The distance (in whichever way it has manifested itself) makes both of you more careful, to never risk losing the other completely. It’s like a built in security valve, because the pressure in a Twin Flame relationship can get so intense.

This relationship is meant to bring up all the gunk and sludge in both of you, so that you can fully heal and clear these energies. The flip side of it being, that it is exactly this uncleared past life and this life wounding that is creating the distance between you and your twin.

You can actually help things by actively clearing out karma instead of having to play it out. Read this article here if you want to know more about what is causing all this Twin Flame drama between you.

In a Twin Flame Reunion Journey I can help you clear out the outdated believes, repressed emotions, past life vows, trauma’s, etc… that are keeping you and your twin out of harmony. The more you heal the inner wounding the more capable you become of holding the intense Twin Flame energy steady. When that happens, you and your twin will be brought closer automatically. Because you will be ready for the next step.

Expectation #3 – Expecting love to look a certain way

This is the ultimate trip up, expecting love to look a certain way.

The whole Twin Flame journey is about learning what love truly is and how to love unconditionally. This means you have to let go of everything that you thought love was. As a society we have been so programmed that love looks or acts in certain ways that have nothing to do with love and EVERYTHING to do with fear.

Read lesson #8 in this article on 11 valuable lessons on the Twin Flame journey, from the bestseller the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

We are taught that for example love means we have to stay with the people we love or that love means that we should feel jealous when others are interested in the person we love, but this is all fear-based thinking. It is not love, it is the fear of losing that love that makes us act in these ways.

In the Game of Life and how to play it, Florence Scovel Shinn writes about love:

“Real love is selfless and free from fear. It pours itself out upon the object of its affection, without demanding any return. Its joy is in the joy of giving. Love is God in manifestation, and the strongest magnetic force in the universe. Pure, unselfish love draws to itself its own; it does not need to seek or demand. Scarcely anyone has the faintest conception of real love. Man is selfish, tyrannical or fearful in his affections, thereby losing the thing he loves. Jealousy is the worst enemy of love, for the imagination runs riot, seeing the loved one attracted to another, and invariably these fears objectify if they are not neutralized.

Many Twin Flames think their twin doesn’t love them because that love is not expressed verbally or in the way they expect it. But remember this, it takes the deepest love that exists in the Universe to be willing to play the role in your life that your twin has accepted to play. A love that helps you heal everything that is keeping you out of alignment with who you really are. To stay strong even when they know ‘they’ are hurting you to the core, to rip open the old wounds (through triggering and mirroring) so that you can become whole again in yourself and you are doing the same for them.

Expectation #4 – Expecting 3D gestures from your twin

We are all humans. It was my birthday last week and I did really hope my twin, would at least send me a happy birthday message. He has for as long as I have known him managed to ignore my birthday and this year was no exception, my birthday came and went without any action in 3D from his side.

In 5D he is up and at it all over the place, coming into my dreams with messages for me. Showing up energetically at appointments with my healers, which he tends to do when we go through massive shifts together and helping me clear some utter deep inner child wounding that was fueling my inner control freak.

Now if I can choose between him sending me a birthday wish, a Valentine’s gift or any other often meaningless gesture that is a NICE TO HAVE but in reality NOTHING compared to the profound gifts he has to offer in the non-physical – my choice is clear.

F**ck my birthday, Valentines day, Christmas, New Year, our anniversary, mother’s day or any other man made occasion to express your love… This is not about romance. This not about lovey doveyness etc.

I want his REAL love and at this moment in this stage where he and I are at, this means him working his *ss off in 5D to help lay the strong and solid foundation for the future. Which also means missing out on these 3D gestures for now, but that is okay because these gestures are NOT real measures of love. They are what we make them to be. In the big scope of things, they are meaningless.

You cannot measure your twin’s love for you by these gestures, because your twin did not come into your life to make you feel good. He or she is not your emotional crutch, your rock in the storm or whatever. Your twin has come in to your life to help you become whole, without them. When you can be whole without them, you can be whole with them.

So why fret about such unimportant things as these kind of gestures, when your Twin Flame is offering you the world on a silver platter?

Expectation #5 – Expecting a certain time frame

You need to let go of any predefined time frame. It will take as long as it takes, yes you can speed things up by becoming pro-active in your healing or you can slow things down by digging your heels into the ground, but it takes as long as it takes.

You need to trust that Divine timing is at play and that your souls and the Universe will keep you moving along on your journey, forever preparing you for the time when the foundation is solid and firm enough to build on.

Until that time you need to have patience and faith, that even though nothing much seems to be happening in the physical or worse everything seems to be going the WRONG way, that your souls (you and your twins) and the Universe are on top of this situation. That everything is being brought into place for you and your twin, to come together in the (near) future depending on where you are in your journey.

One fear that you will definitely have to clear in order not to manifest it, is the fear that somehow you and your twin will not be able to be together in this lifetime. What you fear most, will become your reality. So let go of the fear, that it will not happen for whatever reason. Yes, there is such a thing as free will but it is very limited at the ego level. The soul has free will and your twin’s soul wants union with you just as much as you do, despite outer appearances.

What is meant to be will happen, when the time is right.

Expectation #6 – Expecting things to go the way you want

This is another little paradox this one, until you are READY to receive what you want – you will get what you need to get you fully in alignment with what you want.

Reread that statement a couple of times and really allow it to sink in.

That should also be your attitude until your heart’s desire fully manifests, to realize that everything you are facing in every moment is only there to bring you one step closer to manifesting your dream reality.

Believe that every person (or situation) is a golden link in the chain of your good. It’s all there to prepare the way and get you vibrating to the same energetic frequency that matches the physical manifestation of your heart’s desire.

When you can see things this way, you can relax deeper into the experience and really trust that you are forever being guided and protected every step of the way.

Expectation #7 – Expecting a certain outcome

Last but not least is letting go of the outcome in general and how this outcome will be brought about.

Let’s start with the outcome in general, this is another Florence Scovel Shinn nugget of wisdom:

Many people do not receive their heart’s desire because they desire it too intensely. They are longing for it instead of feeling they have already received it. If you believed that before you called, you were answered, then you would be quite free from worry and anxiety, and live joyfully in the moment. When you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear, for your ship will come in over a “don’t care” sea.

So get yourself unattached from the outcome, because your attachment is misaligning you to the very thing you want. Which has to be one of the silliest ways of canceling out the manifestation of your dreams.

Then let go of how you expect or want it to be brought about, you cannot outdo the Universe or God. Allow the Divine to create a miracle in your life, let go of your illusion of control – step back and give the Universe a chance to really surprise you with a magical manifestation of your heart’s desire. It will come when you least expect it, in the most perfect but likely unexpected way….

The how is simply the Universe’s business and it’s your job to trust the Divine, remember the Universe ALWAYS has your back!

Like attracts like, clearing out the program of disappointment

Most of us have a history of disappointment running through our current lives, past lives, ancestral lines…

Chances are you are carrying around a large build up of disappointed energy in your personal vibration. By the law of attraction, this energy draws to it, it’s own. Which means that it will bring more people in your life who disappoint you, more experiences, situations and things that in some way or form are disappointing.

When you clear out the program of disappointment, you open the door for experiences that satisfy you and bring you happiness. What we tend to not realize is that the frequency of disappointment not only attracts more of its like energy to us, it also keeps us from seeing the doorway to “something even better” (which is what disappointment is often cleverly disguised as). If disappointment manifests itself in your reality, you can bet on it that it will turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

I pray this article serves you and helps you make the shift out of disappointment and into the joy of being on such an amazing adventure, that is called the Twin Flame journey.

You want to meet some companions who are traveling in the same direction? Become a member of our Gangsta Goddesses Tribe with Twin Flames spread out over the world, supporting and rooting you on in your Twin Flame journey. Your tribe membership comes with my 14 week online program Align to Your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program which gives you a step by step guide to your Twin Flame journey.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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