Why you should stop future tripping right now, and just relax in the moment if you want miracles in your life

Are you future tripping through life?

You know you are future tripping through life when, instead of enjoying the moment you are trying to look into the future to imagine what better or worse things are yet to come.

You either project your fears or your burning desires on the future, which in both cases is not going to help you. Because in both ways you BLOCK your manifestation.

You need to make an empty spot (energetically speaking) for your manifestation to fill and if you fill it with your fear or holding on to the desired outcome you want to see, you are getting in your OWN and the Universes way.  If you want to experience miracles in your life, you have to let go of any picturing of how the outcome is going to manifest, because otherwise you will be limiting God.

A miracle can only occur when you let go of the reigns (ego control) and fully surrender the outcome of your desire. This doesn’t mean that you don’t want what you want anymore, because then there would be no attraction to manifest your desire. It means that you get out of the way and TRUST that the Universe will fulfill your desire in the most perfect way.

Holding out for miracles instead of the outcome YOU want

Sure you can force your personal will into manifestation, but will it really fulfill your desire? Often forcing your personal will, will backfire on you in one way or another, because you are not co-creating with the Universe for the highest good of all. You are merely demanding YOUR WAY or the highway and although you can manifest this way, if what you wanted was not in the highest good of all involved you will bare the consequences sooner or later (Remember, karma always knows where to find you).

Future tripping about how you want the situation to unfold, is forcing your personal will. When you future trip you are telling the Universe with your energy ‘This is what I want and exactly HOW I want it.’ Thus slamming the door shut on the possibility for the Universe to give you what you deserve and what it really wants to give you, the utter perfect fulfillment of your desire.

So let’s look at what a miracle is. The definition of a miracle is:

An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God.

Do you really think that the outcome you are so desperately clinging to, can top this? Do you really believe that anything that YOU can think up, can exceed the satisfaction that holding out for the miracle WILL bring you?

No? Then let go of the HOW and stay in the NOW.

Projecting your fears on to the future

On the other side of the spectrum is outpicturing your fears for the future. You also don’t want to be doing that, because what you focus on will grow. So giving lots of attention and energy to worse case scenario’s not only increases the chance of manifesting your fears, it also really lowers your energy.

Now instead of seeing what you want to see in the future (in a way that energetically leaves no room for the Universe to actually use her creativity), you are now imagining your worst nightmares becoming a reality which just plain scares the sh*t out of you.

Future tripping into worst possible outcomes and how everything COULD go wrong, fully takes you out of the NOW which is the ONLY place where you can CREATE your reality. You can not create in the future, you cannot create in the past – but if you let future tripping take you out of the present, then your future will for sure be co-created by your past subconscious programming. Even past life programming, can bleed through and co-create your current reality.

So it’s very important to stay conscious in the HERE and NOW and deliberately create the future you DO want to be living, without forcing for your desired outcome.

Trying to take the future by force

Another way we like to try to take the future by force is by consulting astrology, tarot cards or psychics. First of all the future is not set in stone, there is always FREE WILL – so no divination tool will give you a 100% answer. Of course they can be very helpful guides on your path, if consulted from the right energy.

But no matter what the future holds for you, no matter how much something is already yours by divine right. You HAVE to do the work, that gets you into full alignment with this NEW FUTURE you want to create.

Astrology for example will give you an idea of current and upcoming planetary trends, but you have to do the work yourself in any case. You can never sit back and rely on the energy of the planets and the stars alone, if you want to get ahead. Yes, they can create gateways of energy that are more supportive or visa versa – but the stars don’t control your destiny, YOU do.

I have written about it before that advice from psychics can be very conflicting. Only recently I was told by a psychic that my twin would not be my husband, but that the baby I had felt – would still be coming. I had actually not asked for this information, but she felt she needed to tell me this. Only days later I was at a healing session, with a new intuitive healer that I explained my recent initiations to. She then got through that the relationship with my Twin Flame was really possible and a match blessed in heaven, but that the baby I had felt around me was in fact one of my guides. Both predictions can’t be true at the same time, one of them has to be wrong. They can actually both be wrong.

But even if a psychic is right, you have to do the work yourself first, to get to your desired future.

Especially in Twin Flame relationships there is so much cleansing and clearing work to be done that it’s useless to know what the outcome will be. Will you end up together or not? After you have gone through a couple of rounds of purging (healing childhood wounds, past lives, karma, etc) the process has already been such a blessing, you have healed so much, you have developed new spiritual gifts and life has gotten so much better. Doing the work, taking the journey brought you a ton of gifts that if you get the guy (or girl) or not doesn’t really matter so much anymore, because you got the healing and growth which is much more valuable then the physical relationship – that you would have had if you would have hooked up, right in the beginning. You might still end up together, but only after you have done the Twin Flame work.

Let’s talk about tarot cards. I don’t know about you but more often then not pulling cards for myself doesn’t work. I don’t believe them when the message sucks and I don’t dare believe them when the message is promising, especially when it came to my Twin Soul relationship. Most of all, I didn’t like the frantic feelings that arose inside of me when I was trying to force clarity about my future.

That frantic energy is almost synonymous to future tripping, you know that feeling of utter frustration that you get when you want to skip the NOW into whatever future you want to manifest. It’s that feeling of fear, that you will NEVER get what you want and you racking your brains how you can make it happen anyway.

When your energy gets like that, you completely demagnetize yourself – which means that you are totally out of alignment to what you want to manifest and you are no longer pulling it into your reality. In fact you are repulsing it, with your frantic vibe.

So snap out of it.

Trust me, you don’t want to miss the now

Future tripping fully takes you out of the NOW, we already established this.

But it also robs you of the blessings the HERE and NOW has in store for you. While you are running around like a chicken with its head cut off focusing on the future, there are valuable lessons to learn now and amazing opportunities to grow in this very MOMENT.

There is a reason why the future is veiled and why you are not supposed to know what it will bring. The reason is because if you knew HOW things would go, you wouldn’t do the F-ing work you need to do to get there. You would just sit back and wait, for the future to come.

If I had known for 100% sure that my Twin Flame, the love of my life would come back to me. I would still have a branding company that did well enough but gave me no soul satisfaction. I might have set up something like Gangsta Goddesses but it would totally not be aligned to my soul purpose. I would have NOT discovered my unique gift to the world or made any of the massive breakthroughs that I have made in these past nine months.

I would have considered it a done deal that he would be back and just waited for that moment, not motivated to do the work I needed to do to get there. There would have been NO TRANSFORMATION and I would have missed out on this amazing new life that I stepped into, plus the wisdom of all the lessons learned on my way to creating this new reality.

Whether you are in a Twin Flame relationship or not the same goes for you, no matter how painful your current moment, stay present and allow it to birth the new you. You might be birthing the new rich you, the new successful you, the driving a new car you, the finally owning your own house you or the becoming famous you.

Every new YOU, that you want to birth asks you to do the (healing and clearing) work necessary to birth this new part of you. Because if you keep doing, what you have always done – nothing will change. If nothing changes, how can your future become any different from your present?

You need to tame your inner control freak

However in order to allow yourself to birth the NEW YOU, you first need to tame your inner control freak. Your inner control freak does not like not knowing what is going to happen next. Your inner control freak likes the same old same old, it loves the status quo, the predictable. The inner control freak doesn’t like it at all when things get shaken up. It likes knowing where it’s at and where it is going.

But you cannot BIRTH THE NEW YOU from doing the same old same old, you cannot stay in the predictable, You HAVE to move out of your comfort zone. Into the CHAOS and go into full surrender to the process. You need to RELINQUISH control and trust that the HERE and NOW is exactly as it should be, That everything you need is there with you in this moment. This moment is perfect, exactly as it is unfolding now including all the challenges that you are facing. Including the feelings of discomfort or pain that you might be experiencing in this moment, they are just birthing pains. You will forget them soon, when your new reality is born.

Stop escaping into the future or dreading a reality you don’t want to create. Embrace the current moment, live it fully, experience it in all it’s depth and in all it’s glory. Forget about the future and fully immerse yourself in the here and now.

Then invite miracles to manifest in your life and hold out for them.

I promise you, you will be blown away by what happens next…

Just wait full of joyful expectation, but with a totally empty energetical spot to be filled by the miracle that is already on it’s way to bless you and satisfy your deepest desire.

I pray this article serves you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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