Purging doesn’t have to be Twin Flame related to benefit your journey

All purging and healing benefits your Twin Flame journey

It might seem that only healing past lives with your twin or clearing subconscious blocks to love is important on the Twin Flame journey, but that is not the case.

This connection is NOT about romance, which doesn’t mean that you will not be able to have romance with your twin. It only means that this connection is meant to be so much more than your regular boy meets girl love story.

So if it is not about romance, what is it about? It’s a Divine mission in which you as frontrunners in this game of life are one of the first to shift out of the old 3D ego consciousness into the 5th dimensional Soul truth. If you want to know more about the Divine mission you are on, download the free Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto.

Twin Flames have come to collapse the old 3D template and to become wayshowers of this ascension into the higher 5th dimension. I know there are many more dimension above 5D, but seeing so many people are still stuck in ego consciousness, let’s first shift out of that into the Soul truth and move on from there. No need to make this journey seem like a mission impossible, right?! We’ve got this.

But you have to let go of the romantic fairy tale for now….. and just do you for a bit.

That’s how ALL healing and purging actually benefits your Twin Flame journey, because it doesn’t matter what the story is or how it originated – every outdated belief, repressed emotion, outdated soul contract, unhealed trauma or past life oath and vow that is keeping YOU locked into the 3D ego consciousness has to be healed and purged for you to be able to raise your frequency long term so that you can fully anchor in the higher 5D energies.

In this weeks episode I share how my intention of preparing for a possible pregnancy and the weight loss needed for that triggered a past life I have known about for 10 years with my soul mate ex-husband, our daughter then and now and his mistress in this lifetime and in that past lifetime.

I always prepare for the things I want to manifest, so I started preparing for a possible pregnancy. Like in any manifestation process when you start aligning to your heart’s desire it will bring up everything that is still in the way of manifesting your heart’s desire in your physical reality. To be honest I have no idea if I will become pregnant, but I figured in the worst case I will be more healthy and have a more sexy body again – which I would also love.

What I noticed when I started losing a lot of weight fast, was that I was attached to my excess weight emotionally and in hindsight I saw how I have subconsciously sabotaged my weight loss these past 10 years. The more I witnessed my own attachment to my excess weight the more anxiety I felt. Until I was in this full blown fear episode around losing weight, which made no sense. I really wanted to lose this excess weight, yet I felt that I would not survive it if I did – which was just plain weird.

So I booked an emergency session with my favorite healer, because by now I was having a full blown panic attack which I don’t tend to have. I literally felt like I was going to die. One of the things the health program does that I was losing around 2kg a week on, is clean out the colon so I knew emotional stuff could come up. But this was extreme and sure enough it turned out to be this past life bleeding through in which I had been executed right after the baby was born. But I already knew that, what I didn’t know was that part of my punishment had been to have been told that I was going to be killed right after the birth of the baby. Which had left me dreading my death for weeks and even months, full of fear – doing everything I could to hold on to this pregnancy as long as I could because my life literally depended on it.

Now seeing this part of the past life, it made perfect sense why after even my third child I easily went back to my natural weight of 55kg but that after this baby I still looked 5 months pregnant, even 10 years later… The subconscious mind is powerful, but it can’t keep you pregnant for 10 years, it can however keep you looking pregnant because it still believes that is the only way to survive this.

This past life healing helped clear the cause of my emotional attachment to my weight which I could now better understand where it was coming from. It also helped me heal deep fears of survival and death around pregnancy, which would really benefit me and the baby incarnating. When twins do have babies together, especially when they have already burned off so much deep karma the souls coming in to be born are of a much higher frequency as well. Like attracts like and also here the Law of Attraction works perfectly, aligning the parents to a soul that matches their new vibrational frequency.

I pray that the information shared in this article serves you and your union.

Wishing you magic and miracles on this amazing adventure with your beloved.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie

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