Your unwanted situation isn’t going to change, until you change your perspective

Reality is in the eye of the beholder

Continuing on the topic of last week in which I discussed the difference between reality and outer appearances, this week I want to show you how changing your perspective changes your reality both in the present moment or how you view your past experiences.

The fact is that reality is in the eye of the beholder, what a person beliefs to be the truth of the situation is what they experience as their reality. This is why two people can experience the exact same situation in completely opposite ways, both believing that only their perspective is what is REALLY going on. And even these two people could both be wrong, when it comes to the ultimate truth of the situation. Actually more often then not, we have no clue really what is the truth of a situation because we get lost in the outer appearances of the situation and mistake it to be our reality.

If you find that a difficult concept to grasp you can go back and read last weeks article here.

The outer story….

Let me give you a real life example from my own life, earlier this year.

So I had just come back from India, where I had met my Twin Flame for the first time in real life since we had met online 1,5 years earlier. We had the most amazing time together, the energy between us was awesome, the sex out of this freaking world (and we didn’t even go all the way). I was on cloud nine. I had met the love of my life and he was even better in real life than I could have imagined. The guy was a dream come true.

And then he dumped me even before my plane landed back in Amsterdam. To this day now 10 months later we did not have a normal conversation yet. We talked once shortly after his birthday and then he chickened out on me again and now we are back to NO contact at all.

While in India and before turnovers were awesome, we were like in the 5 figure range constantly and actually that quarter was the best quarter in the whole year (and if you read my other blogs you know my twin refused to talk to me for three months until I was actually with him in India.)

I came back and sales started plummeting (I track my revenue and so should you, we have an awesome tool for you) – January we made €5.014,47 in February we made €3.459,– (we had five clients who couldn’t pay us all of a sudden!) and in March we hit an all time low of €814,– when I had six people working for me!

Mid January my Twin Flame texted me without any explanation that he was sorry. He never meant to hurt me. I needed to move on and he wanted to be left alone. We went from close to having everything we dreamed of, to him slamming the door shut in my face.

So most Law of attraction followers would say oh yes, you got hurt – this lowered your vibration and that’s why money went down and I am all into vibrational matching – except that I am not afraid to really clean up whatever is causing the vibrational drain. Because I believe that by doing that you raise your own vibrational frequency in a way that sticks.

Plus if I had gone with this perspective I would NEVER be where I am today.

So what is really going on?

Because there was actually not one thing that could account for the drop in revenue.

My project manager at that time who thought my twin was a total asshole, thought it was because I was blogging about my Twin Flame experience. We had high traffic, lots of likes, lots of positive feedback of people who loved me sharing my Twin Flame adventure. But she said, nobody is buying. That was the funny thing though, I was being contacted for projects and back then I only owned my branding company – but somehow the deals didn’t come through and these prospects had actually told me they chose me because they had enjoyed my love story.

So that wasn’t the issue.

I had also not dropped the ball on my marketing. There was just no outer reason, for what was manifesting itself in my reality. Which meant there was also nothing I could fix, to make it work again.

What had happened was that I had been working on my Twin Flame relationship with one of the healers I work with for my own healing and spiritual growth and we had uncovered a wound that my twin was mirroring me, but that we shared. I had texted my twin about the session, which brought on his response that it was over for him and that I needed to move on.

Instead of trying to fix my outer circumstances, I went inward to embrace what was coming up to be healed.

This resulted in me seeing that my twin was mirroring me the need to trust my own judgment, which then quickly changed the whole foundation of the business Spirit was urging me to set up. Which makes perfect sense looking back, cause how can you set up a business that Spirit is guiding you to create, if you are unsure if you can trust your intuition.

So what looked like a fucking mess on the outside, hart ripped out of my chest by the love of myAngel of fire fantasy image, Isis life, my business on the brink of bankruptcy and me dragging myself into every next day because I have kids to take care of, a team that depends on me and clients that are waiting for projects to be done…
I felt I had to push through.

In reality that fucking mess was the birth of a complete new side of me.

A woo-woo side of me that I didn’t even know was there, to be honest. And I had a lot of resistance around owning, my unique gift to the world. That’s also why money got clogged up and why my twin even when he could have helped me, refused to lift a finger – because that was the only freaking way I was going to go this deep and rise from the ashes like the phoenix.

If I had bought into the failing business concept as reality or the low vibration theory, I would have missed this incredible rebirth and this beautiful gift I have, to give people access to their subconscious mind and Akashic record so that they too can heal the wounds that are blocking them in all area’s of their life and business.

Although my Twin Flame relationship seems to still be going nowhere (I actually don’t know what the truth is at the moment – it’s all still so much in flux but let’s just say outer appearances suck BIG time), my turnovers pulled up as soon as I embraced my unique gift to the world. Only six months after the shit really hit the fan in my business. I was able to celebrate this week that I am personally 100% debt free and business wise already 70% debt free again.

Are you stuck in your story?

I have had clients who for decades believed their parents didn’t love them! Can you imagine what story people tell themselves when they believe, their mother or father did not love them? It wasn’t even true. When we went to look deeper, we saw that the parent just had a different way of expressing their love – a love language that the client did not understand.

Recently I had a client who saw that she had chosen her previous life killer and the friend who betrayed her in that life as her current life parents. Her killer had beaten her to death in that previous lifetime, and as her daughter (the killer became her mother) in this life she had also been beaten but less excessive. Imagine how seeing this, changes your complete life story.

No matter what your current story is about the situation you now find yourself in, chances are you have got it all wrong. Probably you are not seeing the real truth of the situation and in reality you are only stuck in a story about what you think is going on.

But the thing is until you change your perspective, you will stay stuck in this unwanted reality. Because it is manifesting itself in your life for a deeper reason. It’s there to either help you heal or to help you grow and more often then not, it helps you do both.

The situation came into your life as a blessing in disguise.

Look at my example of my Twin Flame ending things one-sidedly with no explanation, if I would have been the type to commit suicide I would have – I just felt shocked and hurt to the core of my being. There was nothing I had ever in my life wanted more, then to be together with this soul and in the physical with this man. But look where the pain brought me. Here in a position to serve you, your healing and your spiritual growth.

I know how much pain you are in. I know how frustrated you feel. I have also been to hell and back and I can tell you there is no reason to stay stuck. There is no reason to stay in pain. Your current situation that you feel so stuck in, has a gift for you too and I want to help you find it.

In a Soul Journey or any of the other journeys you can find under work with me, I can help you come to the core of the issue and help you see why it came into your life and what you wanted to learn from it. I can help you see the REAL truth of your situation and with that change of perspective, you can make the shift out of your unwanted reality.

In short I can help you get unstuck, would you like that?

Don’t let money become the story that keeps you stuck

Of course you would like that, but here is what I often see happen.

People clicking on the checkout button and then their money story kicks in….

It will either say ‘I can’t afford this.‘ or it will say ‘What if it doesn’t work for me? I have read all these testimonials but maybe I am different and then I will have wasted my money.

And then they click away and guess what? They STAY stuck! Nothing changes…

If you think the journey’s are too expensive for you let me break it down for you, because there is a reason they are priced in this range.

First of all it’s to get your commitment anything under €100,– you can give it a shot, but you aren’t really committed to the outcome because if it doesn’t work well then it’s like a family dinner in a restaurant that you wasted. I’m talking to business owners here, I know if you are on welfare a €100,– is a big investment.

Now what happens psychologically when your investment is €295,–? Investing this much makes you committed. Because now you have to get your return on investment. Now you are ready to work, because you just spent a shit load of money. You need to earn that back, how do you do that? By playing 100% and that is what is needed in this case because we are changing your subconscious wiring. It can’t be done without you playing FULL-OUT.

So why not €195,– then? That’s also already a commitment. It is, but come on you are a business woman and you know just as well as I do if you hire a marketing or mindset coach that you already pay €200,– a month for two sessions of 30 minutes. That is the average price for business coaching. Which is well worth it, I have paid many of my coaches this rate. But none of these sessions ever gave me access to my subconscious mind and my Akashic record, where I could forever change my reality in both my life and business. They gave me great return on investments, some were even life changing – but none ever went as deep as I will take you.

I believe my investments always give me at least a 10X return on investment.

And what you believe becomes your reality, we all know. So recently I invested in a €397,– business program and I only had the money to pay in 5 installments, because as I shared earlier I was up to my eyeballs in debt. The day after the first lesson I made a sale that gave me a 14x return on investment. I contacted my coach and asked her to send me the full bill instead and I was able to pay that program on the spot, in full.

During these past six months when I was in debt, I made it a point to pay as many people that I owed money to as I could. If I had extra personal money coming in, I would pay less salary to myself that month. I would use the quarterly government child support for example to cover monthly bills. Part of the 30% business debt I still have is also salary to myself that I didn’t pay out, but chose to invest in closing in on my debts and doing healing work with my healing team.

I can assure you – I would not be where I am now, this fast if I had not continued to INVEST in my personal healing and spiritual growth. I invested in myself and that brought me all these awesome results, that got me unstuck, that got me closer to whom I was born to be and really practical – got me, almost completely out of debt in as little as six months and I was in debt for €15.000,– in total.

So do yourself a favor and don’t let your money story, be the story that will keep you stuck.

You deserve better. You deserve the growth and the healing this situation came to bring you. You deserve to find the gift in your blessing in disguise, so that you can also arise like the phoenix from your ashes and be who you came to be in this lifetime.

It would be my honor to support you in this process. Here’s how you can work with me. If you need a payment plan, you can message me.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie



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