How to recover what seems lost, works on people, situations and things

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Loss is an illusion

Although loss often seems very real, it is an illusion. If you lose anything it either is protection, realignment to something better, or a false belief (or fear) of loss.

It’s your own attachment to the item, person or situation that creates the emotional turmoil you experience, but in most cases there is no need to get emotional. In fact there is a simple way to reverse the illusion of loss and get back what you lost or in most cases gain something even more worthwhile.

The thing is the more you concentrate on the perception of loss and the pain it causes, the more you anchor the experience into your reality. Say you lost your job, feeding this situation with a lot of negative energy and emotions will keep you unemployed longer than you would care to be. So the best the thing to do is to deny loss as a possible reality altogether, when you do this you refuse to put any energy in loss.

What happens to your reality when you deny something your attention and focus? It disappears. The Law of Attraction says that, that which you focus on and give your attention to becomes bigger, but you don’t want things like loss, injustice, fear, debt or jealousy to become bigger. So what do you need to do then to eradicate them from your reality? You need to not give them any thought. Because your thoughts become things and these are not the things you want to create more of in your life.

Fear of loss hold you hostage

In the meantime, it’s your fear of loss that makes you do all kinds of crazy stuff – like buy things you don’t even really want or need – a lot of marketing triggers fear of loss. But it goes even deeper than that. Last week I had a check in call with a client and we were discussing how things had changed since her Soul Journey we did together and as we were talking about different things the client brought up an issue at her work that made her decide to take the week off instead, which on the surface seemed like it was an act of self love.

When we looked deeper, it was actually fear of loss that motivated her. The story went like this, things were slow at work so practically everyone was on standby and could be called any moment as new assignments came in. This always makes the client feel jumpy and unable to do her own things, because she is afraid she will be called away in the middle of what she is doing because of her work. She can’t relax and there is a fear program going on in the back of her head. Fear that if she doesn’t react on time that the assignment will go to the next co-worker on the standby list and that she won’t be able to pay her bills and necessities. So being on standby makes her feel nervous and basically out of control, now even though she would have gotten her money anyway and there was no reason to cash in vacation days. She cashed them in, so she could relax and feel that she was in control again.

Let’s recap that…

Being stand by makes the client feel nervous, it triggers her fear of not being able to pay her bills and groceries and in order to relieve herself of this anguish (fear) she asks to cash in her vacation days, instead of just trusting that the Universe (which she beliefs in) will handle her affairs perfectly – all so she doesn’t feel out of control. Sacrificing her vacation days even when there was NO need to do this, gave her the sense that she was in control again.

Does that sound a bit irrational to you? That’s what fear of loss does with us, it makes us bend over backwards to try and feel in control. The client is not alone in this, we all do crazy stuff in order to avoid perceived loss, but most of the time we don’t catch ourselves in the act because it all happens behind the scenes in our subconscious mind.

Fearing loss actually becomes a self fulfilling prophecy

Florence Sovel Shinn says ‘If man loses anything it shows there is a belief of loss in his subconscious mind. As he erases this false belief, the article, or its equivalent will appear on the external.

One of the beautiful ladies in our Gangsta Goddesses Twin Flame group was preparing for a wonderful trip with her twin, who had recently broken up with his girlfriend and had agreed to a trip together. In the group she had already said she was afraid he might cancel last minute as this has happened before. Sure enough once she had everything ready, trip paid, leave from work granted, hair cut and some other expenses her twin cancelled as he had gone back to his girlfriend. She was pissed as hell, hurt and contemplating to go with some other guy even though as she said in her words he was lackluster, and like sawdust compared to what she felt with and for her twin.

Although at first I did not come across as ms. congeniality, because I didn’t give her the sympathy that would be socially expected in a situation as this and that could have been appropriate if it wasn’t a reoccurring thing between them. Instead I helped her see that she had unconsciously brought this on herself by constantly fearing that he would pull out last minute. I gave her an affirmation to undo the damage of believing in loss.

She worked with the affirmation, accepted the situation as it was and did her best to surrender and a miracle happened. Her twin told her that the reason he backed out was, because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of her and that that was not what they were about. He told her he needed the girlfriend for comfort at the moment, but that what they shared together as twins was much deeper than what he had what this other girl. He just needed some time to fix his life and himself. The end result was they both felt so much closer to each other.

Twin Flames always mirror each other, so when I heard he had said he needed the girlfriend for comfort, I asked her if she also had an emotional crutch she was leaning on and it turned out that she was just as uncommitted to him and seeing other people as well.

The affirmation to turning loss around

The two loss affirmations that worked like a charm for this lady and that have helped millions of people over the past century regain what they have lost are from Florence Scovel Shinn. She is the grandmother of metaphysics and people like Louise Hay learned from her. However the affirmations although very effective are built up differently then we are used to.

Modern day affirmation guru’s have taught us that you should not state negatives or use denials in affirmations. I feel this applies much more to not asking for what you don’t want and instead learning to ask for what you do want. Often when I give these affirmations, people will express that they are afraid that by denying loss that they will attract more loss. This is not the case, as the affirmation uses the denial of loss as a means to impress a spiritual truth upon the subconscious mind – it in fact reprograms the subconsciousness to let go of the illusion of loss.

The affirmations are:

There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything that is rightfully mine. Infinite Intelligence is NEVER too late! Infinite Intelligence knows the way of RECOVERY.


There is no loss in Divine Mind, therefore, I cannot lose anything which belongs to me. It will be restored or I receive its equivalent.

I have personally been working with this affirmation for the past 10 years and it’s an absolute life saver. I have used it on bigger and smaller things, only recently my youngest lost his keys at the playground nearby. I quickly affirmed the deny loss affirmations and then we prayed to find the keys. I drove my son to the playground and parked the car nearby, as we walk toward the playground I felt overwhelmed by this idea of searching a needle in a haystack. My son however very decisively walks up to the gate, looks down and finds his keys at his feet in the bushes. That is how powerful these affirmations works.

Whether you loose your job, your boyfriend or girlfriend, an important deal or anything else that you feel attached to instead of freaking out try these two affirmations instead. Because it doesn’t matter if it was a believe in loss, protection or realignment to something better, once you deny loss the situation will either be rectified or something better will come to take it’s place.

You can also use them on an opportunity you felt you missed or lost.

Pay extra attention to these powerful phrases in the first affirmation:

Infinite Intelligence is NEVER too late! Infinite Intelligence knows the way of RECOVERY.

With this you decree that for the highest power it’s never too late and that this higher power knows how to bring recovery in this and any other situation. Just imagine what could happen in your reality if you would believe these two statements to be true?

Don’t let your fear of loss, keep your deepest heart’s desire out of manifestation

When you really want something from the bottom of your heart, often fear of loss kicks in. This fear of loss as we saw makes us do insane stuff, but most of all it stops us from really getting what we want. The ego is so afraid of not getting what it wants, that it doesn’t trust that if he/she doesn’t MAKE it happen, it will never become a reality.

Does this sound familiar to your own inner dialogue sometimes?

Especially for all Twin Flames seeking union, the only way to get there in the end is through surrender. It’s your fear of loss, that will keep you trying to force, seduce, manipulate, push, pull, etc. your union into being and that is impossible. Until you can let your twin walk out of your life, if that is what they wanted – you are still on some level holding on to the illusion that you could lose such a deep love. It’s a false believe that you can lose the love that is yours by Divine right. If you stop believing you can lose this utter deep love, this deep love will manifest in your physical reality one way or the other.

I deny loss, there is no loss in Divine mind. Therefore I cannot lose THE LOVE that is rightfully mine. Infinite intelligence is NEVER too late. Infinite intelligence knows the ways to RECOVERY.


I deny loss there is no loss in Divine mind. Therefore I cannot lose THE LOVE which belongs to me. It will be restored to me or I will receive its equivalent.

You can customize the affirmation to fit your specific situation.

Now no matter, what you are afraid of losing by not letting go – be it Twin Flame love or the house you really want, the vacation you set your heart on or the new work assignment that you have been drooling over. The more you picture loss and entertain thoughts of loss, the more you will manifest it in your reality. Cancelling out all this good stuff you want to attract.

Florence Scovel Shinn writes:

Your big opportunity and big success usually slide in, when you least expect it. You have to let go long enough for the great law of attraction to operate. You never saw a worried and anxious magnet. It stands up straight and hasn’t a care in the world, because it knows needles can’t help jumping to it. The things we rightly desire come to pass when we have taken the clutch off.

So instead of losing yourself in the illusion of loss, you then need to take a leap of faith.

How do you take the clutch off? You surrender!

In any manifestation (no matter WHAT you want to manifest) you need to let go and let the Universe take care of the HOW.

Let go, let God…. it all comes down to surrender.


Whether you are manifesting a Twin Flame union or any other heart’s desire that you feel as deep as the depths of your soul, meaning you are ULTRA attached to the outcome and can’t even imagine your life without it – surrendering is the key to bringing it into your physical reality.

In order to surrender —-> you need to let go of your need to control – In order to let go of your need to control —-> you need to let go of your fear of loss.

Which brings us where we started, loss doesn’t exist unless you choose to feed the illusion of it with your thoughts. In the Spiritual reality it doesn’t exist at all, nothing is ever lost. It changes appearance maybe, but is never lost.

What is rightfully yours, can never be taken from you – nor can you lose it.

You can only be misaligned to it.

Surrendering realigns you to everything that is yours by Divine right.

I pray this article helps you bring recovery in the situations most dear to you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie






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