11 actions you can take to create the tipping point into Twin Flame union

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Twin Flame union is a co-creation, not a waiting game

The winter solstice is upon us and with it a gateway has been opening for many Twin Flames to come back together either for another round of purging or lasting union, depending on how deep you have dared to go in your own healing journey. Because that is what it takes to create harmonious union with your Twin Flame, to clear the triggers between you and to OWN your own wounds instead of projecting them on the other.

But the thing is you can’t and don’t have to wait for the right alignment of the stars in order to reach Twin Flame union, there are loads of twins out there who are not going through the dramatic rollercoaster experience of running and chasing while at the same time there are twins wanting, yet failing to come together for decades.

Just waiting for the right energies to push you into union, is not a strategy that will get you far. You need to do the legwork, to co-create your heart’s desire together with the Universe.

Here are 11 actions you can take to create a tipping point towards your own Twin Flame union.

#1 Script your way into union

Working with a reunion script to create the future with your twin that you want to be living can be a perfect way to use the Law of Attraction on your Twin Flame journey. In this article here, I take you through the steps of writing your Twin Flame Reunion script.

Now what keeps you out of manifestation of your deepest heart’s desires is not being vibrationally aligned to the future you want to create.

Reading your script daily helps you to shift onto the timeline where the reality of your dreams already exists and manifest it in your physical reality.

#2 Find your blocks in your everyday drama

Pay close attention to your everyday drama even when it seems twin unrelated, it can actually mirror you back blocks to your Twin Flame union. Let me explain.

Recently one of my clients flew out to visit her relatives and thought she had made proper arrangements for her children, by leaving them in the care of her ex-husband. The father of the kids then dropped them off at a friends house and took off. After arriving at the house of her relatives, she got a message from the friend to come and pick up her kids as soon as possible or otherwise they would contact the authorities. The client was beside herself with anger and felt that this situation proved once again that ‘men always hurt her‘.

That is a subconscious program that creates a reality like she was currently experiencing. She felt that this experience was just another validation that this was true, but in fact it was her believe ‘men always hurt me‘ that was now manifesting itself yet again in her reality, because this is what she holds to be true in her subconscious mind. Believing this about men not only created difficulties in her life with other men, it is a massive block to Twin Flame union – because if you believe men always hurt you it means you can’t trust men. If your twin is a man, you will carry this distrust into your relationship with him too. There is also a big chance that you will see major evidence of ‘men always hurt me‘ in your relationship with your twin as well.

Catching yourself in these sabotaging subconscious beliefs and healing them can create a massive tipping point towards Twin Flame union. You can heal them by working with a healer or in this case of believing ‘men always hurt me’, you could choose to heal your relationship with the Masculine Divine. You could work with the Divine Masculine Transmission, to purge Divine Masculine related blocks and non-beneficial templating stemming from your relationship with your father.

#3 Clear the runner past life

Another way to speed up union is to clear past life trauma between you and your twin. Especially clearing the runner life can have a positive effect on the relationship you have with your twin. It’s actually this kind of stuff that triggers the ‘running’ that many Twin Flame couples run into on their journey and that is why talking it out only makes it worse. The person running doesn’t consciously know why they are running and can’t give you an answer on top of that they feel bad, because they know very well that their behavior is ‘hurting’ you and they feel guilty about that.

In reality you two are just triggering each others woundings bringing them to the surface to be fully released and healed. It is never the intention of the other person to hurt you, they are merely mirroring/showing you where you need to heal yourself deeper. Diving deep into your past lives with your twin, can really help you clear major triggering. By bringing the past life memories back into the conscious memory and clearing out the emotional (vibrational) residue that has been stored in your energy system, you remove a large part of the triggering.

In my case in a past life my twin was older and married, father of five children. I was 29 and we had been having an affair for the past three years. We would meet secretly in the forest to make love together. I had just found out that I was pregnant and I felt my life was over as in those days it was completely unacceptable to be pregnant without a husband. I was lying on my back looking at the stars, waiting for my lover. Instead his enraged wife came, who had just found out about us. I never saw it coming, she killed me in blind rage – it had all happened so fast. I was in such utter shock, I had not even realized I died. My twin felt it was his fault, if only he had been strong enough to stay away from me – I would still be alive.

In this lifetime my twin is forever trying to stay away from me and our love affair actually started with him asking me what I wanted him to be in my life. I was in utter shock for three days and then I knew without a doubt, I wanted him as my husband and I wanted his child. We had only known each other for one month at that time. He was a mere 24 years old back then, when he answered that it was the happiest day of his life that I wanted this with him and then he started running because he realized he couldn’t give me what we both longed for as his family had other plans for him in regards to marriage.

As you can see me saying this triggered the subconscious memory of that lifetime in which he lost me, when he tried to secretly be with me and at the same time fulfill his obligations towards his family in that lifetime. And the thing is that as long as these memories and emotions are still repressed they are like vibrational transmitters sending out a signal to the others energy field that is basically pricking in their forgotten wounds. That is what triggers the running between twins.

Clearing up past life wounding is my specialty. In the Twin Flame Reunion Journey I set up an energetic vortex that allows you to remember and reexperience your past life in a safe way, so that you can fully release the emotional (vibrational) residue from the past lives that are triggering you and your twin. The healing you do on this or multiple lifetimes also works through to your twin. Plus it removes the vibrational triggering mechanism, because you cleared the repressed emotions sending out the signal to your twin.

#4 Heal inner child wounding

The same story pretty much applies to inner child wounding. Bring the memories back into the conscious mind and release the repressed emotions and you are already well on your way to healing the wounded inner child.

But inner children are often more complex because the inner child needs a parent. If the birth parents were unfit or unavailable in some way, the inner child often tries and gets the love it is craving from the partner. Have you ever noticed that the word partner is an anagram of the word parent? Well, this never turns out as the inner child hopes and a partner is simply not able to fulfill the insatiable hunger a neglected child feels for love. It drives any partner away.

One of the most important steps on your healing journey next to releasing these repressed emotions and Identifying the childhood beliefs behind them, is becoming your own inner parent and giving your inner child the love and the attention it seeks. This is an important aspect of loving yourself, which we will discuss later.

Inner child wounding is also addressed in the Twin Flame Reunion Journey but of course there are also healing audio’s that you can work with like the audio Inner Child Healing with your Twin Flame.

#5 Forgive your twin

As you can see all that you and your Twin Flame have encountered along your journey together, was never personal. It was never meant to hurt you, every action, every word said had only ONE function and that is to show you your inner wounding so that it can be fully healed.

Twin Flames have chosen to incarnate in this time to assist in the ascension of the planet Earth. They do so by becoming portals of unconditional love that lifts the vibrational frequency of everyone around them. Twin Flames are currently connecting and coming together all over the world, creating a grid work of portals that are activated one by one increasing the vibrational frequency of planet earth and raising it and its inhabitants to the frequency of unconditional love.

That is our true essence unconditional love which is in most cases being covered with the gunk and sludge of false and fear based beliefs, together with repressed trauma’s and emotions from this lifetime and past lifetimes. This gunk and sludge needs to be removed for you to return to your true essence and you and your twin agreed to come together in this lifetime, to help each other heal everything that is keeping you out of alignment with who you really are.

Everything your twin has ever done or said, only served this purpose. When you can see this, forgiveness comes naturally. Stepping into forgiveness is an important step towards creating a tipping point into Twin Flame union, you can not enter union still holding a grudge.

Unforgiveness more than anything creates negative cording, that do not serve you and need to be cut. Gabby Bernstein offers a cord cutting meditation here.

What also works like a charm is saying the ho’oponopono prayer for everyone you still need to forgive.

[{Name}, I Love You, I’m Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You.

In the Twin Flame Reunion Journey forgiveness is always an item we touch and I help my clients see how they can change their perspective on all past hurt, to see that it came into their life to teach them something. However without condoning the behavior of another, refusing to forgive does not hurt anyone as much as it hurts YOU. Unforgiveness has been linked to diseases like cancer and forgiveness therapy is now being used as part of the treatment.

#6 Are you fully aligned to your union?

If you are still married on paper, living together with your ex or having friendship with benefits relationships then I hate to break it to you, but you are NOT aligned to union. Twin Flame union ask that you either commit or quit and God knows, we have all tried to walk away. We have all tried to get on with our lives and find someone ‘normal’ and that is fine, sometimes you need to pull back in order to be ready to fully commit again. There has to be physical space in your life for your twin and that is not possible if you are (still) with someone else.

Is your house ready to receive your twin? Is there a place for them to sleep, a place for their clothes? Say your twin would show up at your house today, would you feel comfortable letting them in? Is it clean enough? Is your house tidy enough? Is there something that you would definitely throw out to the curb today, if you knew your twin that maybe lives at the other end of the world would be flying in today? Would there be something you would buy if you knew that your twin would end his or her marriage today and come home to you?

Do it now! Align yourself to the union NOW no matter how impossible your Twin Flame relationship may seem now, show the Universe that you are expecting your twin to walk through the door any minute and that you are completely ready to receive them into your life.

Don’t think about killing your time with someone else, because your twin might be doing the same. I know so many twin stories especially of male twins breaking off engagements, marriages, the works to go back to their Divine Feminine – so make sure there is nothing standing in the way.

#7 Tie up loose ends

Are you living your mission? Are there still things you need to do before your twin arrives?

Don’t waste your time pining for the other in utter despair. Get on with what you are supposed to do and do it now. Don’t put things off till later, because once your twin is there you won’t have time.

First of all you will want time to enjoy each other and reconnect, that works a lot better if there aren’t any pressing matters that need your attention, get them out of the way. Create the emotional space in your life so that you are fully free to just coast along for a while, so you can really go within that love bubble with your twin once they return.

If you are a woman, slow down your pace in the work field as much as possible and allow yourself to come back in your feminine energy. We tend to really slip into our masculine energy in our work, which is great but in order to attract our Divine masculine we need to be in our own Divine feminine vibe. So get those big work projects out of the way or switch things around on long term projects, so you can slow down a bit and stay in the right vibe.

#8 Make peace with your maker

If you still have a love/hate relationship with God, guess where that is going to show up? Yup, in your Twin Flame relationship. So you need to make peace with your maker, anyway you can.

Many of us have religious wounding, if not from this lifetime then from past lives. We have all been there, we have all done that. It’s time now to clear it out, cause you can not have Twin Flame Union without a healed relationship with God.

Now if you are one of those people that uses the word Universe, because you have issues with the word God – then you have something to clear and above all there is the need to heal one of the most important relationships in your life, your relationship with the Divine.

I have even worked with clients who in this life had a very good relationship with God, but still had past lives bleeding through where they felt God had abandoned them and that core wounding still needed to be healed and cleared.

Because the Twin Flame union is a threesome with the Divine, you get there a lot quicker when you do make peace with your maker.

#9 Clear fear of loss

This winter solstice really seemed to bring on a collective purge of the fear of loss. I heard it everywhere and felt it as well in my own experience.

Fear of loss is a very common Twin Flame theme that is often played out lifetime after lifetime. However in order to create union, this fear has to be released because in essence being afraid to lose your Twin Flame is not trusting that the union will happen, no matter what the underlying cause might be.

You can not create what you do not believe and this (subconscious) fear will actually repel Twin Flame union, it has to go in order for you to become a magnet to what is rightfully yours.

In this article you can read more about loss and learn two powerful affirmations that will help you uncreate the effects of believing in loss. Many unexpected girlfriends that male twin’s hook up with serve, to activate the healing of the believe in loss deeply ingrained in the Divine feminine psyche.

#10 Love yourself more

Personally I usually get ticked off when someone tells me ALL I need to do is just love myself more. Because what does that even mean to love yourself? I have been consciously on the road to self love for the past 11 years and it’s such a complex issue that touches every part of your life that telling someone they only need to love themselves more is pretty much just some empty phrase that sounds pretty spiritual and true but in essence doesn’t really tell them anything.

Because you can love yourself in so many ways, like:

  • Being patient and kind with yourself in your thoughts
  • Eating healthy
  • Getting fresh air and exercise
  • Resting on time
  • Respecting your own boundaries
  • Giving yourself high quality things and experiences
  • Letting go of toxic situations and people
  • Being a loving parent to your inner child
  • and so the list goes on…

But then what? After you have implemented self love in every practical way, how can you love yourself more? By removing the subconscious programming to deeper self love and I have been working daily with this audio The I AM Series: I AM The Love That I AM Looking For and Self Love and Self Worth Installation with Mary Magdalene to activate deeper levels of self love.

Self love is an important part of opening up the channels to receiving love and what I found out to my own surprise was that I had no issues with sending out unconditional love to my twin. But when I started to work with audio The Inflow and Outflow Of Divine Love: Giving and Receiving Love with Your Twin Flame that my heart was at that moment nowhere ready to receive and hold the unconditional love coming IN from my Twin Flame.

#11 Let go, let God

Last but not least the Twin Flame journey asks for surrender, surrender to Divine timing and to a bigger plan that is unfolding. We come in feeling we have met the love of our life and in the end it becomes so much more then this, so much more then a mere boy meets girl story that ends in and they lived happily ever after.

Now if you really want to tip yourself and your twin into union, you have to surrender. You have to stop chasing. The chasing was fear of loss anyway, which has to go so now it is time to trust. Trust that this is meant to be. Trust that you have been Divinely led. Trust that union is on it’s way and that after ALL the hard work that you have done (did you go deep?), that it’s time to let go now and place your union and your Twin Flame in the hands of the Divine (that’s also why you need to make peace with your maker – cause if you don’t you will be chasing your twin till hell freezes over!).

If you are the Divine Feminine make room for the Divine Masculine to chase you again, like he did in the beginning. Step back and allow him to come to you. Chasing is like asking him to say I love you and when he does, not feeling it meant as much because you had to ask. Let go, sit back and allow the truth to prevail.

You cannot receive anything if your hands are filled with clenching tightly to your twin and your union, let go so that your hands are empty to receive. If you find this difficult try working with the Restoring Trust Energetic Process and the Sweet Surrender Activation to help you ease into surrender.

This summer I did a 24 hour full fast (no food & no fluids) as a symbolic complete surrender to God of my Twin Flame relationship. My twin hardly posts on Facebook, he had not posted since mid April and we were almost mid June – he posted my favorite song of the Chainsmokers that Sunday as the fast was coming to an end. It’s a very emotional version of Don’t let me down a song that always made me think of my twin when I heard it.

So trust me, when you surrender your twin feels it and things start to shift. In our Twin Flame journey I got massively serious about clearing deep since that time. The most profound healing work I have done has been since this past summer, really using the final part of 2016 to let go of everything that I did not want to bring into this next new nine year cycle that starts in 2017.

If you also feel that you still need to clear something I would be happy to help you clear past life and inner child wounding in a Twin Flame Reunion Journey. So that you are also able to leave this gunk and sludge behind you and open the door to your Twin Flame union wider.

Above all believe union with your twin is possible as more and more ‘runner’ twins are coming back, now that the preparation phase which was the WHOLE POINT of the separation phase is concluded. Let go of all your memories of how much they pushed you away, or how much you think they would rather eat shit than come home to you. If you did the work as described above, it will happen for you too.

I wish you a blessed reunion with your Divine beloved, do let me know in the comments how things worked out for you.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie


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