Are you postponing your own Twin Flame union by making these 3 crucial rookie mistakes? Here’s how to stop wasting time…

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My twin and I met online in 2012, we really only had 8 months where we talked consistently. 2013 is when the running and chasing began. I would listen to every Twin Flame reading on YouTube to see when he’d come back. The reason we are still in separation is because I haven’t been working on myself I’ve only been focusing on union. But thanks to your blogs I’ve finally realized union is within me and that I need to love myself first before my twin and I reunite. Thanks so much! 

Kind regards,
A twin flame trying to further her journey

This is an email I recently received from one of my multiple thousands newsletter and blog readers and it brought tears to my eyes. The reason it moved me so much is that I see this daily, people stuck on their Twin Flame journey nowhere near where they could be because they don’t understand what this journey is asking of them.

Before when I used to run a free online community with a couple of hundred people inside, I would see the same pattern over and over again. Everyone was just waiting for union to magically happen. Waiting for the right galactic portal. Waiting for the right alignment of the stars. Waiting for their Twin Flame to wake up and get with the program. They were all waiting…  Yet, doing nothing to make it happen.

I actually closed that group and started a new one that you have to pay to be a part of and now I have a community of women (men are welcome too) that are willing to do the work and who are making great achievements because of it.

This is what one of the members added as a review recently:

I love this group led by Sabriye. In just 2 months I have grown so much and made good friends. I don’t feel like I am being sold services constantly like some other sites. Sabriye’s journey is inspiring and resonating at times. I also feel comfortable to share my experiences and love hearing about others. I have learnt loads.

Joanna Lewars

Now Divine timing is certainly at play in the coming together of Twin Flames, but Divine timing can’t do squat if you don’t hold up your end of the deal and what I see is that a lot of twin’s don’t understand what they need to do…

Or they do see what needs to be done, but are afraid that they will do the work and some new chick will reap all the benefits of their transforming and pulling their Divine masculine up with them. I kid you not, I have actually had a potential client decline to do the work for this very reason. Hint that is a fear of loss wound begging to be healed. The other reason to keep stuck that I hear often is, but what if I do all this hard work and I end up empty handed? I will have worked hard on myself, but still didn’t get the man that I wanted (or woman) and that is fear of disappointment (very curable).

Are you making these rookie mistakes in your Twin Flame journey?

These are then some of the worst rookie mistakes I see people make who just don’t seem to understand what the Twin Flame journey is really about. I want to share them with you today, so that you can stop making them yourself and start doing what really needs to be done.

Although right now your main reward may seem to be finally having that romantic relationship with your Twin Flame, trust me that is only the cherry on top. This journey has bigger and better things in store for you and that is actually the first rookie mistake that many make on this journey including myself and it is not going to bring you in union any time soon.

The truth is that many Twin Flames are scheduled to come into union in the next two years, but if you want to be one of those couples you need get with the program and make sure that you do the work that will make union possible for you and your beloved. Don’t think that you can just sit back and wait for the other to return, because it won’t work. If that was the recipe to success, there wouldn’t be couples who have been running and chasing or in long term separation for years and years.

Rookie mistake #1 Pushing for a romantic relationship in 3D

If you want a romantic relationship that’s all lovey dovey and keeps you in your comfort zone, embodying the smallest version of yourself get off the Twin Flame journey. You are not going to find that kind of love here, what you will find is the love of a lifetime. You will be challenged to love even when the other person is not acting lovable at all. You will be challenged to rise above yourself again and again, to purge everything that is keeping you from truly embodying the highest expression of yourself.

This means that a good part of the time it will look nothing like what a romantic relationship normally looks like in 3D and in fact the more you push for a romantic relationship, the further your twin will back off and pull up walls. It’s not uncommon to get blocked on this journey, not because you are such a stalker but because that is the only thing that will force you to go inside and face your own pain.

This is where a lot of people try to move on, convinced that their Twin Flame does not love them because of how they act in 3D. This is the biggest initiation in love, to keep loving even when it LOOKS like that love is not reciprocated.

If you can move on, by all means go for it – chances are it was not a Twin Flame connection after all if you are able to walk away. True Twin Flames find that there is no way off (this roller coaster ride does not come with an ejection button) and so they can’t move on and have no choice but to face their own dragons and demons. These people will come out on the other side of separation transformed and back in contact with their beloved. But in order to get there, you have to let go of the romantic fantasy.

You actually redefine the whole concept of love as you wake up to the fact that most 3D ‘love’ is in fact fear based and where there is fear there is no love.

If this person is your Twin Flame, you will find they love you as fiercely or maybe even more than before. Out of sight, out of heart is not an option on this journey. No amount of separation can destroy the love a twin couple feels for each other. It’s not mandatory curriculum on the Twin Flame journey, you don’t have to go through separation – but many twins do choose to go through the illusion of separation on their journey back to union because it helps them heal separation related wounds.

Rookie mistake #2 Using psychics as anti anxiety pills

Most of my clients just order a Twin Flame Reunion Journey with me, but every now and then I get an email from someone who wants a reading NOW and these people hardly ever book a session with me.

I don’t read for clients anyway. I set up an energetic vortex that allows them access to their own subconscious mind and Akashic records where all their past lives are chronicled. This allows them to find the root cause for the current day issues that they are dealing with and to unroot these causes at the core. I don’t see for my clients, but the energetic state I bring them in allows them to see/feel/hear/know for themselves what is causing their problems in the HERE and NOW. These insights lead to deep healing and transformation of their current day reality.

However what I see a lot of people do and I have done it myself as well is run to psychics as a kind of anti anxiety pill just to hear that it’s all going to be okay somewhere in the future.

Now I am not knocking the value of what a psychic reading can give you. It can give you very valuable information at times, but it’s also my experience that psychics are never 100% wrong which simultaneously makes them never 100% right.

And trust me if your higher self does not want you to know something, it will hide it from you no matter what. Begin this year I had multiple psychics tell me my twin would come back to me in January and although that was true in a way, it was definitely not in the way that they had seen it. The biggest danger of using psychics as anxiety pills is, that you sit back and wait because you were told it’s coming and now you think there is nothing left for you to do.

It is actually your fear of loss in most cases that drives you to book a reading, just so that you can stop stressing out and stop hyperventilating until the next time your fear of loss gets triggered. It makes much more sense then to address your fear of loss and heal that, instead of reaching out to someone to ease your fear temporarily. This fear of loss is always a deeply ingrained pattern in the subconscious and needs to be resolved there. No amount of psychic readings will ever solve this issue at it’s core.

On this journey we all have days that things seem bleak and you doubt this journey is even real, you need to breathe through those days and make them days of radical self care – take the day off and pamper yourself any way you want. Quite often all these emotions coming up is just ancient old gunk and sludge needed to be released. Suppressing those feelings with alcohol, drugs, etc does not help you release them, just as much as medicing them away with a psychic read will not help you much either. Because basically all you want to hear is: ‘Don’t worry he/she will return soon.’ Which is part of the co-dependent programming that tells you, you will never be happy without your twin.

As long as you believe this, you are still holding on to romantic illusion.

Rookie mistake #3 Wasting time waiting for prophesied union by YouTube readers

This is actually how this article started with the excerpt of an email one of my blog readers sent in to thank me for my work. As she wrote she had been watching YouTube video after YouTube video to see when her twin would return to her, in the meanwhile not doing the work she needed to do to make this her reality. In the free community I used to run, every week people would post multiple YouTube videos of multiple readers and everybody would be like ‘Union is coming!’ but for many of course it didn’t. I don’t know if you have ever noticed but an in depth card read on YouTube can take up to 30 and sometimes even 90 minutes. That is a lot of time if you are following multiple readers at a time, to be spending on this.

I have to admit I watch some readers as well. My two favorites are Nicole Ashcroft from Angelic Therapy and Karen Burness from Twin Flame Psychic 1111. I have been following Karen since the beginning of my journey starting in the summer of 2014 when she didn’t even do card readings yet and she has really helped me get where I am today in my own transformation. What I love about her readings (which are actually teachings) is that she also fully goes into the wounding that needs to be addressed on this journey, but I find her to be an exception in this. I like Nicole’s readings as well because she often seems to channel what is going on for the Divine masculine but even her readings I don’t find as resonating as the Karen Burness ones because they lack the true insight of what it really takes to do this journey.

I find this applies to most YouTube readers, that they lack true insight which doesn’t diminish what they channel – but can create another issue for the viewer because again Divine timing is nothing without preparation. If you are doing nothing to prepare for union and ironically preparing for union means TAKING YOUR FOCUS OFF IT instead of focusing on it, then Divine timing can’t really help you. You will just be extending your personal timeline to union, because you are waiting for something instead of initiating it. There is a reason some people have been on this journey for decades and that’s because that’s how long things take when the wounding is not addressed adequately.

But, if you are truly honest with yourself then even watching these YouTube readings is a way for you to medic the intense anxiety you feel when you think that this beautiful love and this amazing person is lost forever. It’s just fear of loss rearing it’s ugly head up again and it’s costing you more than the time wasted on going from the one YouTube video to the next to find out when your Twin Flame will come back to you, it’s costing you time in separation with your beloved until you have made the transformation that the separation came to be a catalyst of.

What you need to be doing to get into Twin Flame union

The truth is you can come into union any time of the year. You don’t need any special galactic portal to open. The stars do not have to be aligned a certain way. The only thing that YOU HAVE TO DO is become a vibrational match to union. That’s it, once you are resonating at the same vibrational frequency as Twin Flame union, it will manifest effortlessly.

I am going to be honest with you doing a couple of healings and daily meditations is not what it takes, to become this vibrational match. It’s not organized and controllable, where you keep your make-up intact through it all. It’s deep. It’s chaotic. It’s bloody honest and you have to face all your fears and overcome them even AFTER you come into union. I have clients who are together with their Twin Flame and they still sometimes get triggered or find deeper wounds. If your twin still won’t talk to you or nothing is shifting, it means that there is still somewhere where you need to heal or grow.

Do not believe anyone that tells you that you have to be 100% HEALED to come into a physical relationship with your twin, because that is not true. It just depends on the kind of wounding you both as a couple decided to work on. Your souls use distance and closeness to bring up the wounding that you agreed on healing and that’s it, all the rest is illusion.

So if you find yourself in separation that’s because that would trigger all the wounding that separation brings up, plus if you are on the fast track to Twin Flame union – separation can be a blessing because it takes quite some energy all this healing work. You need lots of rest and even naps when doing intense inner healing. If you find yourself in physical closeness to your twin and this is triggering you both BIG TIME, it’s just old wounding coming up to be released. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages. Twin Flame sex is amazing and at the same time it triggers all the deep surface stuff that needs to be released.

Many people think that coming into a physical relationship with their twin is the be-all and end-all of this journey, but let me burst your bubble there I still work with people even after they are married to their twin or even are pregnant with their twin’s baby.

Which brings us back to rookie mistake number 1, this is meant to be so much more than just another boy meets girl* love story (do download my free Gangsta Goddesses Manifesto that explains this even deeper). Yes, you can definitely end up in a very deep and loving romantic relationship with your Twin Flame but that’s not the point of this journey.

The point is to come home to your true self, your Twin Flame is assisting you in this process whether you are together as a couple or not. The quicker you can see the truth of this, the quicker you can move past separation or the common Twin Flame running and chasing.

In order to help you jump start this process I have created a Twin Flame Union Package, that is built up of all the things I did in order to come out on the other side of separation in my own journey.

  • You get a 2 hour Twin Flame Reunion Journey with me, to find all your own subconscious and past life blocks to union.
  • You get my Align to your Divine Plan Twin Flame Mastery Program that shows you exactly which steps to take to proceed further on your Twin Flame journey. It addresses all the challenges you face on this journey and gives you the tools to handle them.
  • You get lifetime access to the Gangsta Goddesses Tribe and the Mastermind group where you will find the moral support and amazing friendships that you need on this journey.

Order your Twin Flame Union Package here.

Wishing you magic and miracles on this amazing adventure with your beloved.

Lots of love,

Sabriyé Dubrie




* Any variation thereof as Twin Flame couples can be same sex couples as well.

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