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What if I told you that the reason your Twin Flame journey is so painful is because it’s not actually about romance, or falling in love with your twin, or anything like that?

What if I told you that the reason your Twin Flame journey is so painful is because it’s not actually about romance, or falling in love with your twin, or anything like that?

It’s not about building a relationship with one another.

Your connection is already there. You feel it. They feel it.

Even when they later deny it.

So what’s missing?

Your connection with yourself.

Think About it

Ever since your twin came into the picture you’ve been second guessing if you’re good enough a little more than usual.

Every time your twin shuts the door or takes space you feel a deeper pain of rejection than you’ve ever felt before.

Every time your twin pulls away, your wounds from the past are ripped open again.

Do you want to know why your Twin Flame journey
isn't working for you?

Because the Twin Flame journey is not about the Twin Flame, it never was.

This journey is about YOU. Consider this: you already know that your twin mirrors you.

Why do you think that is?

According to Plato and Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.

Most Twin Flame teachings are based on Plato’s idea that the soul was split into two halves and that we are forever searching for the other part that completes us. But that’s a pretty codependent concept, believing that you are a half searching for the other part of you in order to be able to be whole.

It also really hurts when you have found the other half of your soul
and they refuse to complete you...

Which is how most Twin Flame stories play out in the real world.

Twin Flame mirroring goes much deeper than mythology and it’s the most misunderstood concept throughout the Twin Flame community.

It's what makes the whole journey so confusing, especially because you thought you found the love of your life in your Twin Flame, and suddenly it feels more like an unrequited love, even if they seemed to be into you before.

This is the ultimate illusion, because your twin has come to mirror you, your blind spots. They mirror back to you, your deepest fears and false beliefs, that have been buried deep in your subconscious.

Haven’t you noticed those popping up out of nowhere since you found your twin?

This is because your twin is meant to show you the things you normally can’t see about yourself - but that sabotage your life without you realizing it. They do this not to hurt you, but out of deep eternal love.

Your twin shows you where you don’t feel good enough, where you are not standing in your power, where you are inauthentic or stuck in self-judgment, self-loathing and yes even self-hatred and everything in between.

Your twin is your Divine mirror, in which you see the parts of you reflected back to you that you don’t want to see or accept about yourself.

This brings up deep pain and anguish as you are so relentlessly confronted with yourself through the Twin Flame mirror. The one person you want to be with the most, shows you all the parts that you find ugly about yourself. They show you all the places, where you actually don’t really love or value yourself. They bring up all the pain that you have so carefully tucked away, from childhood and other traumatic experiences.

Leaving you feeling stripped naked and vulnerable.

This triggers all your deepest fears about who you believe yourself to be.

And what happens when these deep fears come up?

You start feeling out of control and you start doing the ONE thing that will make you feel safe again and that is trying to control the situation and everyone in it (which actually makes things worse).

This leads to you trying to micromanage your life,, including your twin and your connection. Stepping out of character and feeling insane because you catch yourself saying and doing things, you would normally never do. Sometimes you don’t even recognize yourself anymore, NO ONE has ever brought such primal emotions to the surface in you. You feel like you are losing it, which scares you even more into trying to get things back under control.

But it’s too late, the dam has broken and all your over the years pent up pain and subconscious wounding is flooding through. There is no stopping it.

This is because your twin is here to show you your wounded EGO that’s been hidden all these years, so that you can heal it and reconnect with your soul.

Only then, when you heal your wounded ego, will you be able to fall into a space of deep surrender, and that’s where the magic happens.

See, not only will you need to find this sort of peace within yourself to heal YOU, but it’s also the ONLY way you’ll stop allowing those old wounds to make you push your twin away energetically.

So how will you know what kind of relationship you can have with your Twin Flame, if you don’t heal your wounded ego first?

You can’t, Gorgeous. But if you heal first, you can come together in harmony like my client Elisa and her Twin Flame Lokesh.

Let's Be Real All The Other The Twin Flame Solutions Out
There Are Having You Chase The Carrot

In the book the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the boy asks the Alchemist why the other alchemists had failed to make gold.

The Alchemist answers:

"They were only looking for gold. They were seeking out the treasure of their destiny,
without actually wanting to live out their destiny."

This is EXACTLY the same reason why so many Twin Flames keep going in circles and fail to come into Twin Flame union, because they are looking for the romantic relationship (their equivalent of gold), without actually wanting to live out their destiny of becoming ALL that they are and were always meant to be.

But who can blame them?
Because the whole Twin Flame industry is geared at union.
How are you supposed to know the truth, if no one is telling you it?

All the other Twin Flame websites are focused on manifesting union with your twin. They promise their product or service is going to get you the romantic outcome you so deeply desire. But they are approaching union from the wrong angle, which is why most Twin Flames stay stuck on their journey, because they are chasing a romantic fantasy.

These other websites are only selling you what you want, not what you need.

They are selling you the dream, the fantasy, your happily ever after….

It's bullshit teachings like these that keep Twin Flames stuck going in circles endlessly on their journeys. I know this because I tried all these solutions, the Twin Flame meditations, the psychic reads and so on - when I first started out on my own journey.

I even bought some of the programs other Twin Flame teachers were offering, they did not work because they are focusing on the WRONG thing. They are focused on the romantic outcome with the twin.

But that's not your REAL problem, it's really not that hard to manifest a romantic relationship. It's not a multiple year project to come together, with someone you love so deeply. The problem simply isn't in your connection.

So, if that's not where the problem is, you won't find the solution there either.

The Method to Making Your Twin Flame Journey Work for You -
That No One else Is Teaching

So if the connection isn't the problem. Why does the Twin Flame journey take so much time? Why is coming into union such a struggle for so many people on the Twin Flame path?

What takes SO much time, is to really find your true self, underneath all your childhood and past life subconscious programming and conditioning. It takes time to release yourself from the shackles that are chaining you to your past.

The huge pull towards your Twin Flame and obsessing about them 24/7, is nothing but your own subconscious wounds pulling you into your healing.

Your soul knows that you will go to hell and back to be able to HAVE this deep love that you experienced with your twin and so it uses the Twin Flame as the bait to get you to do the inner work.

But how are you ever going to get to your Twin Flame if you don’t let go of the shackles that are holding you back? If you don't free yourself of your past, those chains and shackles that bind you to your suffering, will keep yanking you away from your twin every time you get close.

This is the #1 reason why most Twin Flames keep going in circles. They don't realize that they have to free themselves first before they can be with their beloved.

You see there are two types of Twin Flames...

Type #1 who reads ALL the Twin Flame blogs and forecasts and follows multiple psychic and tarot readers on YouTube for weekly updates on where their twin is at and when they will come back. This over-influx of often deeply conflicting information, leads to a lot of doubt and confusion.

These twins ONLY want one thing out of their Twin Flame journey and that is union, which creates constant pain and frustration, together with anger and resentment about not having the romantic outcome they want. Before they shift to the other end of the spectrum and feel immense grief or loss, that fuels their deep anxiety that their twin will never come back. Only to start the cycle of seeking reassurance outside of themselves in order to regain a sense of control.

These Twin Flames are caught in a painful vicious cycle that fuels itself and they don't know how to break free.

But let's talk about Twin Flame Type #2:

These Twin Flames realize that they don't know what they don't know and so they pick ONE teacher they trust, to guide them on their journey. They immerse themselves in these teachings and apply them to their life. This allows them to shift out of the confusion, the pain, the feeling crazy, the crying themselves to sleep at night over their twin and helps them rebuild their life on a much stronger foundation - bringing in peace and happiness beyond what they ever thought to be possible.

Still, the question is….

Why are most people stuck being Type #1?

Because they don't have my method that teaches them how to break free from the shackles that bind them to their suffering.

Learning to do so is your best shot at getting the romantic outcome you want, because becoming your TRUE authentic self is what will attract your partner by Divine right into your life:

Your Twin Flame or someone better (yeah, I know you can’t even imagine how that is possible).

In order to have the Heaven on Earth union that you so deeply desire, you have to free yourself from the shackles of your past. You have to become whole within and let go of the things that no longer serve you. The fears and false beliefs that have kept you playing small and stuck in toxic relationships, repeating the same painful patterns over and over again with previous lovers.

Because let's be honest your relationships before you met your Twin Flame, weren't perfect either. Your love life has not looked, the way you want it to look for some time now. Because even if your previous relationship was okay and looked good on paper, it didn't stir your soul in the way that your Twin Flame is capable of.

It’s time to break the continuous loop of pain and disappointment.

Are you ready to make your Twin Flame journey finally work for you?

Let me show you how.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

How I can help you break free from your Twin Flame obsession

Hi, my name is Sabriyé Ayana and I have been helping Twin Flames just like you free themselves from the shackles of their obsession and get amazing results like this:

  • Find freedom & happiness within themselves
  • Find new love with a soul mate
  • Get into a committed romantic relationship with the Twin Flame


and OVER


Over the past years I have helped hundreds of Twin Flames break free from the shackles of their obsession and get their life back whether they ended up with their twin, found love with someone else or just learned to be happy by themselves.

Results like these or similar are possible for you too, when you work with me.

But first let me give you some vital background information about the Twin Flame journey:

Your Soul Chose this Experience and Your Twin's Higher Self Is In on It Too

As humans we like to think that we control our destiny and in a way we do, but it’s not our ego self that calls the shots when it comes to where our life is heading - that’s the soul’s prerogative. Your soul has scripted the perfect Divine plan for you that includes health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, which together brings perfect happiness.

But because you do not trust on this Divine plan being there - due to current and past life wounding (aka your wounded EGO), you try to micromanage your life and the Twin Flame experience. This brings you out of vibrational alignment to exactly those things you desire the most, including a mutual loving and harmonious union with your Divine counterpart – your Twin Flame or someone better.

When you can let go of the illusion that you control your life and you surrender to the Divine plan your soul has scripted for this round on planet Earth, the Divine design for your life will manifest in your physical reality.

You are literally the only one standing in the way of your own happiness, because you don’t trust your soul.

So that’s the part you need to work on. You need to heal your connection with your soul, because that is what is creating the hold up in your Twin Flame connection.

Your soul chose to meet it’s Divine mirror in this lifetime, because you are ready to make the shift to creating
Heaven on Earth.

And this is where the Twin Flame comes in, now before you get me wrong, I am not saying the Twin Flame journey is ONLY a spiritual experience. That would be as incorrect as saying that this connection is about ending up in a romantic relationship with the twin. You can have your cake and eat it too on this journey, so do not get lost in black and white thinking.

In fact that is exactly what the Twin Flame encounter has come to do, it has come to wake you up out of the illusion of duality and separation - so that you can return to your natural state of Oneness. But before you become all gooey inside, I am not talking about becoming ONE with your twin. I am talking about becoming ONE, within yourself with your soul and with all that is.

You see the Twin Flame journey is a fast-track to Ascension.

All the challenges and obstacles you face on the Twin Flame journey, including the sudden unexpected plot twists serve as modern day initiations on the Ascension path.

You and your Twin Flame handpicked these challenges together, long before the two of you agreed to meet up in this lifetime.

You chose on a soul level which challenges you were going to face together, in order to help each other release everything that was keeping you out of alignment with unconditional love and has been keeping you firmly stuck in the old 3D paradigm for eons and eons. Some of those challenges are tough as nails, such as when your twin marries or starts a family with someone else - but you chose them nonetheless because your soul knew they would help you set yourself free.

The bottom line is that you and your twin came together in this lifetime to help each other shift into the new 5D consciousness, it’s this paradigm shift that is causing so much turmoil in your life – not your Twin Flame connection.

Not being able to be a couple, forces you to stretch yourself in ways that simply wouldn’t be possible if you were together in this moment. You would not be able to become ALL that you are meant to be, without being so highly motivated by wanting to be with this person and not being able to. It’s that innate deep desire for union with the beloved, that will give you the strength to face all your inner dragons and demons and free yourself.

It’s perfectly set up by the soul this way, to help you reach your full potential.

Why Trying To Force Romance Is The Kiss Of Death
To Your Twin Flame Connection

When you misunderstand the nature of this journey it's easy to get stuck or give up, because it's just too painful and too hard. It's basically when you try to make the Twin Flame journey into a romantic fairy-tale come true, that you run into trouble. This is because it is meant to be so much more.

Romanticizing the process only makes the journey much harder to handle and full of suffering, because of your own unrealistic expectations. You simply can't change the true nature of something. The more you resist something being the way it is, The more you resist your reality, the more it persists and that’s what causes the excruciating pain.

But it doesn't have to be that way...

Even when your Twin Flame connection started out as a romance, before your twin went all weird on you and pushed you away, I want you to let it go for now. I know it's hard for you to do this, but pushing your twin to commit or trying to force a romantic relationship in any way (including the woo-woo way), will only make your beloved pull back more and more and make your life, feel like hell.

I know your deepest desire is to be together with your Twin Flame, but you cannot get to Twin Flame union through anything you do or say in 3D to try and make it happen.

Nor is what you see happening in 3D, what is really going on. The truth is that your souls, your twin’s and your's use both closeness and distance to trigger all the outdated beliefs and subconscious wounds that are keeping you from anchoring fully into the new 5D reality – where you and your twin are already ONE.

The only way to manifest this ONENESS in your life, is by taking your focus off of what is going on in your physical reality (3D) and to start working on yourself, on your own thoughts, beliefs and actions that are creating the very reality that you are experiencing.

When you shift your inner thoughts and beliefs, it shifts your outer reality.

Less common is that you are the one, running from the connection, which is often caused by feelings of not being good enough or fearing intimacy. If this is you, keep reading too because you are merely experiencing the other side of the same spectrum. Instead of fearing you lost the best thing that has ever happened to you, you fear you pushed it away....

Often it's the deepest pain which empowers you
to grow into your Highest Self.

I know that what I am asking you to do feels, close to impossible and that is why I created the The Twin Flame Tribe to show you how to make this dimensional shift, and give you the support that you need in the process.
This will help you make your journey so much less painful and allow you to experience it as the amazing miracle filled adventure, that it is meant to be.

Coming into union with your Twin Flame or someone better, is but a mere byproduct of this shift inside yourself.

But let’s first get you out of your confusion, your despair, your frequent bouts of panic and the deep pain of thinking you lost the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

I’ve physically reunited with my twin after almost a year of being blocked from all contact

“Sabriyé, I want to express my eternal gratitude for all I’ve learned from you. Because of this, I’ve physically reunited with my twin after almost a year of being blocked from all contact.

I purchased the complete union package because I thought, if I was going to do this, I needed to be all in. After our first Akashic record clearing session, I saw that I had a deep fear of loss and need for my twin to reassure me and protect me from that. This became clearer in our second session, and on the retreat, where the deep sessions with you and the other healers made it abundantly obvious that I needed to step into my power and own my own life and happiness. When I finally was able to do that, my twin came back into my life. I now see how my fears triggered his own fear of loss and kept us in separation. I truly believe that everything you teach is so important to my life, not only in reuniting with my twin, but to continue growing and developing our relationship to be all it is meant to be.

Your courage in being honest and vulnerable about your own challenges along the way sets you apart. It inspired me and gave me the strength to keep going, because this stuff is hard. I feel so privileged to work with you and to have gotten to know you. You’re the real deal. Much love.”


United States

This is What You Get When You Become a Twin Flame Tribe Member:

As a tribe member you get access to my fourteen week online program: the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program - which gives you the tools you need to create your Heaven on Earth, with or without your twin in your life.

This is the biggest paradox on the Twin Flame journey, when you can be happy with or without your heart’s desire, it will suddenly appear.

This is not something you can fake, it has to be authentic in order for you to become a vibrational match to your heart’s desire. You can’t get there by pretending, because the Universe will simply not budge until you have mastered the lessons you wanted to learn as you’ve moved toward the manifestation of your dream.

Chasing union actively or passively is what get’s Twin Flames stuck on this journey, because they are still often subconsciously believing that the source of their happiness lies in the hands of another person.

I am going to help you find the source of your happiness within yourself.

Twin Flame union, slides in when you least expect it
and don’t crave for it anymore

The Twin Flame objective is – to reach inner union and to fully align you to your Divine Plan, which also includes perfect love with your Twin Flame or someone better.

The Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program teaches you step by step how to create this inner union and vibrational alignment to your soul. This makes the journey, less rocky, less painful, quicker and above all just so much more easier to understand and fun to be on.

Walking the Twin Flame and Ascension path is much like the Hero’s journey described by mythologist Joseph Campbell. You are called to enter into a magical world of initiations, brought to face and slay your inner most feared dragons and demons with the help of your mentor and allies in the seen and the unseen world in order to transform into the highest expression of yourself and return to the normal world - fully actualized (aka Ascension).

The Twin Flame Tribe offers you a sacred space to alchemize this inner union, and a safe space to venture into the underworld of your subconscious to remove everything that is keeping you from fully being who you are and were always meant to be.

Becoming a member of our tribe also gives you access to our international Online Mastermind group where you can connect to a group of soul brothers and sisters from all over the world who are also on this journey.

So many Twin Flames stay stuck in their journey because they feel they are imagining all this or going crazy, etc. They doubt themselves, they doubt their twin, the connection and sometimes they even doubt their own sanity. They ask themselves over and over again ‘Why can’t I just let go and move on with my life, what’s wrong with me?!’

Connecting to others on this initiation path shows you that these are all beautiful intelligent men and women, facing the same or very similar challenges as you are. This helps you see that many of the issues you face on this journey with your Twin Flame are not meant personally at all, it’s a collective process meant to move you into a higher vibrational state of being.

Having a group of soul brothers and sisters to cheer you on and to send you love when things are tough can really make a tremendous difference in your personal life and on your Twin Flame journey.

It’s the best way to set yourself up for success!

Especially because as your family and friends have remained in the normal world, they don’t understand the rules of the special world you have entered and therefore any advice or support they try to give falls short. Because the rules of the normal world, are different from the new rules of the special world.

You need new friends and soul family that can help you learn the ways of your new reality. Join The Twin Flame Tribe

Align to Your Divine Plan

Align to Your Divine Plan

Bring in the Divine design of your life with the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program,
for initiates on the Twin Flame and Ascension path

ALL of the methods in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program
are designed to help YOU:

But that's not all...

How Will The Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program Help You?
By Walking You Through the Process of Inner Union, Step-By-Step.

Here's what you'll get:

Module 1:
Getting Out of Your Soul's Way

The counter intuitive method to getting what you actually want by releasing the blocks your wounded ego is holding up that are BLOCKING your blessings.

Module 2:
Shifting Realities

How to get OFF of the roller-coaster ride you’re on in your Twin Flame journey and step into a new reality, one that you’ll actually love to exist in.

Module 3:
Venturing into the Underworld

Just as in the hero’s journey we venture into the underworld to uncover the secrets to why your union with your twin keeps encountering sabotage and roadblocks around every corner. And what to do about them.

Module 4:
Discovering Your Hidden Power

The reason you feel so helpless in this journey is because you haven’t tapped into YOUR own hidden power yet. So this is where you discover it, and learn to use it for yourself so you never have to feel so helpless and out of control ever again.

Module 5:
Unclogging the Drain

Time and again my students and clients came to realize that one of the biggest reasons they hadn’t found peace within themselves or happiness with their twin yet was because there was no room. You have things in your life taking up too much energetic and physical space for anything else to even come in! The pipes are clogged, with everything that you are holding onto that no longer serves you. Time to find out what those things are (they’re not all what you expect) - to unclog the drain!

Module 6:
The Death of Fear (And What to Replace it With)

Your fears and false beliefs have you micromanaging your twin, trying to control the journey, and that’s already lead you to push your twin away further and further. Nobody likes a control-freak bullying them around and nobody likes being one. It's your deep fears that are making you scramble to regain control over your life, but you don't need to control it. You can REPLACE fear with something that will help you find peace within, and find peace with your twin.

Module 7:
Ending the War of the Sexes

The keys to putting the power struggle to a stop for good. How to find balance with yourself, and your twin. This will also help you greatly improve relationships with friends, family and co-workers.

The Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program shows you step-by-step how to alchemize inner union with your soul. If you and your Twin Flame are meant to be together, becoming the highest expression of yourself will make your twin gravitate back to you!

This is the ONLY way to truly come into Twin Flame union, when it has become a reflection of your inner state of being. All other methods just lead to more running, chasing and separation, because you haven't dealt with what is really sabotaging your connection.

Sign up today to start making your Twin Flame journey work for you.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

Module 8:
Breaking Free from the Chains 

You've been shackled to the turmoil, anger, resentment, and the drama of it all. It can almost feel like an addiction at times. It makes you feel like shit, but you haven't been able to break free. This shows you how.

Module 9:
Opening the Floodgates of Heaven

Your Divine Design for your life holds many blessings that the soul has prepared for you, but are you ready to receive them? Here we explore the subconscious and chakra blocks that are keeping you from opening the Floodgates of Heaven.

Module 10:
Fanning the Flames of Intimacy

You have heard the Rob Bell quote "It's easy to take off your clothes and have sex. People do it all the time. But opening up your soul to someone, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, fears, future, hopes, dreams… that is being naked." Creating such vulnerability in a relationship is an art and it doesn't come naturally. I will teach you the #1 mistake that causes your partner to shut down and show you how to find your own deepest blocks to intimacy on all levels.

Module 11:
The Truth about Divine Timing

Divine Timing is such a much discussed subject among Twin Flames, leaving many people waiting for the next BIG galactic event to usher in their union. New moons, full moons, eclipses, retrogrades, solstices, equinoxes or portals like the Lion's gate don't create Twin Flame union. There is no big galactic event that will miraculously shift you into union with your twin, so what does Divine Timing mean then? And what is the one BIGGEST mistakes that Twin Flames make, that delays and stagnates their union timeline? 

Module 12:
Bringing Down Heaven on Earth

The Twin Flame journey is meant to bring a shift in paradigm, from the old 3D paradigm to anchoring in the 5th dimensional frequency of Heaven on Earth. Most Twin Flames think dimensions are location and that 3D is down here (physical) and 5D is up there (energetic), but dimensions are not locations they are states of consciousness and states of being. Here you will learn the ONE thing that you need to practice in order to anchor in 5D as your physical reality and it has nothing to do with yoga, meditation or a specific spiritual practice. It's in fact something that you would never expect to be the ultimate paradigm shifter. 

Module 13:
Trusting the Universe Has Your Back

This module is the gateway into inner union and/or union with the Twin Flame, but until you master the teachings shared here - you will stay stuck in your union process and repeating the lower modules over and over again. This is the hardest inner shift to master, because your Ego will put up a fight as it fears losing control and dominion to the soul. Have you really done your inner healing work? You are about to find out….

Module 14:
The Higher Union You're Missing Out On

This journey so far (and all of the other Twin Flame websites out there) make you think that your union with your twin is the highest union possible. But there's actually a higher union you're missing out on, that is a prerequisite for true Twin Flame union. This is how to achieve it so that, you'll find peace and happiness - no matter what happens.

What Will Joining the Twin Flame Tribe Do for You?

As a Twin Flame you did not come to roam in the desert of despair endlessly. I designed this program to help you shift out of all your pain and suffering.

In the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program I teach you amazing tools that will last you a lifetime and you will need them a lifetime, because Twin Flame union is not the end goal that fixes everything that is broken in your life.

It is the beginning of your journey as a couple. I have spoken to a lot of Twin Flame couples who have gotten into a romantic relationship with each other - only to find that there was just more work to do, except now you get to do it as a couple. However, if you trigger the hell out of each other because you didn’t learn the skills needed to maintain union, guess where you will end up? Yup, back in Twin Flame separation.

This is why I want to get you off the union train, because until you have done the inner work; what you currently believe to be ‘Twin Flame union’ is a fickle mistress - giving closeness today and separation tomorrow.

This journey is simply not about bending over backwards, grovelling and doing EVERYTHING you can think of to get back with your ex and then all your problems are solved. Uh-uh that is not how this journey goes – you cannot use 3D romantic and dating techniques to get into Twin Flame union. Any form of manipulation, seduction, pushing or pulling will ONLY backfire on you.

You need a whole new set of skills and that is what I will teach you in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program. The teachings I share with you are based on ancient secret Twin Flame and Ascension knowledge gained through my own soul’s journey from lifetimes in ancient Egypt and Lemuria. I have carried and safe-guarded this wisdom with me for eons and eons. Now the time has come to share these teachings with the Twin Flame collective.

This 14 week online program is ONLY accessible to The Twin Flame Tribe members.

The program helps you shift out of the confusion, panic and pain you are going through and shows you exactly which steps to take to move forward on your Twin Flame journey, instead of looping back into the same pain over and over again.

What Tribe Members Say About the Twin Flame Tribe

Watch these video testimonials of real Twin Flame Tribe members to hear how joining the Tribe changed their lives:

How could anyone ever be better than my Twin Flame?!

I met my TF in the summer of 2017. After a short blissful time, our communication totally stopped. I was so lost and emotional and had no clue why I couldn't simply forget him and go on with my normal life. This was the time when I found Sabriyé and the TF Tribe Program. I read every article from her blog and started following the program. It helped me understand but I was still obsessing so much. Stalking him on social media, watching tarot readings searching for signs to keep hoping that he is coming back. My whole life was controlled by my obsession.

In a session with Sabriyé, we worked on stepping into my power and full potential and not holding back because of fear of my own power. Doing the work helped me not obsessing so much and focusing more on myself, but still I believed this man would be the only one in the world I could be with and union that has to happen, in order for me to have a fulfilled life.

Some weeks after the session I felt how the power grounded in my reality. I got much calmer, much more self confident and for the first time in my life I enjoyed spending time with myself. One of my biggest fears had always been, being alone. I always had people around even if they hurt me, only to have somebody with me.
I felt full on my own without needing anyone. I never thought I would be able to feel like this.

In December I was able to let go of the obsessing and the outcome with my TF completely. I released the emotions and l connected even more deeply with my inner voice and universe. During this time I started to believe in the possibility of what Sabriyé often talks about in her teachings: "Be in a mutual loving relationship with your TF or someone better." To be honest, this was a phrase I always skipped over as quickly as possible, because I thought - how could there be someone better?

And some weeks after that it all shifted.
On new years eve I met a man at a friends party. I knew him for half my life but we never really connected.
Crazy, magical signs and synchronicities started to show up and since this night in December I absolutely know that there could be someone better than my TF.

Thanks to the combination of the Tribe Program and the sessions with Sabriyé my life changed rapidly and in such a magical way I could have never imagined. The Program helped me so much to work on myself. When everything got too heavy and I got too much in my head, I would grab the Program and read it as I had it always available. I’m also very grateful for the Facebook Group as I needed people around me, who understand what I was going through when nobody else did.
And the best of all, for the first time in my life I'm feeling free. Free to be who I really am and exploring myself and my gifts and at the same time attracting people into my life who love me for being the real me.


New Zealand

Will the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program work for me?

The BIG question on your mind at this moment could be, but will this work for me and my Twin Flame journey?
After reading about the program and seeing the results my students have gotten you may now be wondering if the program is going to work in your unique situation. You will be surprised to learn that your situation is not as unique, as you currently think. In fact many parts of the journey are the same for everyone.

The ONLY real variables are your unique obstacles keeping you and your Twin Flame apart and the corresponding subconscious wounding that needs to be addressed. But just in case you aren't completely convinced yet, if this program will work for you -I have made a list of all the different variations that could make you doubt it's effectiveness in your specific situation and I addressed the corresponding doubts individually.

Will the Program Work For Me if:

I met my twin online, but we have never met in real life?

Yes, this program also works if you have never met in real life. The Twin Flame connection is a deep spiritual and energetic connection, which does not depend on the couple being together in the same physical space, Connecting through telepathy, phone, text or email works just as well.

I met my Twin Flame online too and we have only been together once over a 2 week period, one and a half years after we first met online. The rest of our relationship was carried out over phone, email and text, this has in no way hindered my inner union process or as you may fear made my journey less real.

My twin and I have never been in a romantic relationship?

Yes, it will work for you because many of my clients did NOT start out their Twin Flame relationship as a romantic connection. The presence or absence of romance, is not a measurement of success on the Twin Flame journey. It’s like trying to weigh distance with a scale, a scale can only measure weight. It can’t measure distance.

My twin and I have never been intimate?

Yes, this program is for you. Physical intimacy does not make or break a Twin Flame connection. Many of my clients have not been physically intimate with their twin and that is not an obstacle to coming together with the twin or to inner union. I reached full inner union, without ever having sexual intercourse with my twin - trust me it’s not an obstacle.

My twin and I have been in a romantic relationship and are now separated?

Yes, this program will also work for you - because the separation is meant only to bring up the deeper subconscious wounding. It is NOT a reflection of how your Twin Flame truly feels about you.

Instead it’s a part of the Twin Flame alchemy process meant to move you into a deeper union with yourself - which will allow for a deeper union with the beloved. The outer is always a reflection of what is attained within.

I haven’t met my Twin Flame yet?

Yes, the program will be beneficial to you. It will help you transform your life and it will help you align to the deepest love possible in this lifetime. What it will not do is help you find your Twin Flame, UNLESS you were already scheduled to meet each other in this lifetime. Meeting your twin in the physical is a pact you make, before you enter this lifetime and it can’t be changed once you are here.

I have given up hope of ever reuniting with my Twin Flame?

For many of us the unexpected plot twists and the challenges we face on our Twin Flame journey, seem to indicate that all is lost forever. My Twin Flame married someone else and then had a child with her before the second year of marriage was completed.

Both his marriage and the baby, were a PIVOTAL part of my inner union process. It was these initiations that made me rise above myself and allowed me to free myself from the karma that bound me to my suffering.

So the answer is Yes! This program will work for you, because the goal of this journey is inner union and it is your ONLY shot at potentially reuniting with your Twin Flame - because you can only see reflected back to you, what you have become within.

I am not on the Twin Flame journey, but I am on the Ascension path?

Also for you this program is a perfect fit, because whether you are walking the Ascension path with your beloved or are walking it solo (your Twin Flame will often be un-incarnated and acting as your guide), both paths lead to inner union with the soul and the inner hiero-gamic union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within.

The curriculum I discuss in the program teaches you how to come into this inner state of being, which does not require needing to be with or have a Twin Flame connection in the physical.

Your Ascension NEVER depends on something outside of you.

I am not 100% sure this person is my Twin Flame?

This doubt is more common than you think, so many people doubt their Twin Flame connection for a multitude of reasons. Just look at some of the testimonials of people who had their doubts as well and joined anyway. One of my clients joined and that same day, her twin told her he had feelings for her too and asked her out - when before he had even blocked her!

But this program WILL WORK FOR YOU, even if this person turns out not to be your Twin Flame. How is that possible you may ask? Doesn’t it have to be a Twin Flame connection? No, it doesn’t because I teach you the path to inner union, it really does not matter if this person is your Twin Flame or not and if you are with them or not - because this journey is not about them, it’s about you.

You are also not investing money in them, you are investing money in your happiness and living the life of your dreams. This program aligns you to the Divine design of your life, the life your soul has designed for you and perfect love is a part of that - whether it is with your Twin Flame or a Soul Mate.

This program teaches you to align to your soul and your Divine plan and so it really does not matter who brought you here, thank them anyway because they brought you home to you, when you reach inner union with your soul.

My Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else?

Yes, this program will work for you even when your Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else. You DO NOT need to be in contact or in a romantic relationship with your twin, to come into inner union with your soul and align to the Divine design of your life.

In fact third party relationships are often there as part of your initiation path into a higher consciousness and state of being and they are perfect for bringing up your deeply supressed subconscious wounds around self worth, fear of loss and other self sabotaging patterns that the soul is ready to release.

My twin doesn't reciprocate my feelings?

There can be various reasons why you can feel that your twin doesn't reciprocate your feelings, because of how they act, because that is what they told you, because that is what you sense/fear/believe and so forth. But this is what I have seen happen too many times in these cases, it's all an illusion. My client whose twin asked her out the same day that she joined the Twin Flame Tribe, was convinced he wasn't into her because he had blocked her. Another client now married to her twin for the past two years, initially feared he was gay and not interested in her and when she fully accepted that romance was out of the question - he became all romantic on her and proposed!

I know you are thinking but I am 100% sure my twin doesn't reciprocate my feelings, let me share with you what happened on my journey in 2016 my twin told me that he admired me but that he did not love me the way I thought he loved me. In January 2017 he married someone else through an arranged marriage, by April 2017 my twin told me that he didn't know if he would ever leave his newly wed wife but that if he did, he would be on a plane the very next day to come to me. So even if you hear it directly from the horse's mouth, it doesn't mean it is true.

One of the things that I teach you in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program is to learn how to look through outer appearances and this is exactly one of those outer appearances that can make it seem as if you are in this alone, but that is never true. Even in the worst case scenario, you are in this with your soul and all this is helping you fully align to your Divine plan which will bring you true love no matter what. You literally cannot lose.

My twin and/or I am gay or we are both heterosexual but my twin is the same sex?

Yes, this program is for you. Sexual identity and sexual preference does not exclude you from the Twin Flame journey. Your soul chose the precise dynamics you find yourself in, because they are what best suits your soul evolution. The soul itself has no gender, it is androgynous - both masculine and feminine in perfect balance.

Please read the LGBT Friendly section if you and or your Twin Flame are the same sex.

Especially in these situation where romance seems out of the question because of sexual 'incompatibility' on your side or your twin's side, it will be really comforting to know that this journey is truly about you and the inner union with your soul.

Things can miraculously shift on this journey, but even if you are sure you could never end up with your Twin Flame in a committed relationship doing the program will help you align to deep love in your life anyway. Your twin is NEVER your only option to have deep love in your life.

My twin and I have a big age difference or we live very far from each other?

A big age difference or a big physical distance are NOT an obstruction on your Twin Flame journey, although they may seem to be. Some of my first clients to come into physical union with their twin, lived miles and miles apart. That distance did not prevent them from proceeding on there Twin Flame journey. It's the inner work that moves us forward, not the outer circumstances.

Large age differences are the same, they are easily overcome when they have served their purpose. They are neither an obstruction to inner union or outer union. Many of my clients have multiple decades age differences between them and even came into physical union after they did their inner work. For inner union, your age in human years is of course irrelevant, because the age and maturity of your soul defines you.Not the amount of birthdays you have had on planet Earth.

Highly recommended for anyone on this journey

“I cannot recommend the program enough. I never looked at the modules as a ‘course’… I found I was living each of the modules and when something came up in my life with my twin I could go back to a module and get exactly the insight that I needed. This is the beauty of the program. You can go back and see and read things differently.

Highly highly recommended for anyone on this journey.”



How is this Online Program offered?

As soon as you have successfully paid for your Twin Flame Tribe membership you can login to your private learning environment, with the username and the password you created in the process.

In your private learning environment you will find the weekly modules and the link to the Online Mastermind group where you can connect to the other Twin Flame Tribe members spread out all over the world.

Each Weekly Module Comes With:

You can follow the weekly modules in your own time and pace. As you have lifetime access to the modules, you can redo any module you want at any time or redo the whole program as often as you like. Tribe members often go back after some time to go through a module again, to get an even deeper understanding of the teachings.

What Technical Stuff do You Need to Join?

Both the online program and the Online Mastermind group are accessible through the internet.

You can join The Twin Flame Tribe from anywhere in the world, you only need:

Everything you post in the Online Mastermind group is ONLY visible to the members of the group and NO ONE outside of the The Twin Flame Tribe can ever see what you share..

You don’t ever need to worry that your Facebook friends or family will be able to see what you share with the group.

The Online Mastermind group is a completely safe environment for you to discuss your journey, with people who actually understand what you are talking about and who know what you are going through because they are going through or have just come out of, the same kind of experiences.

Tribe members know the rules of the special world you have entered and they know how to give you counsel, that will work in the special world. Something that the people who stayed behind in the normal world simply can’t give you.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

Expect a deep journey into yourself

“Sabriyé carries a lot of (twinflame related) wisdom in her being. I stepped in the program half a year ago and it contains without a doubt the best knowledge that I can find on the subject. And I sure did my research, for years I explored info about twinflames. Sabriyé just nails it every time. Every article, every lesson. Every answer. Yes: this lady rocks!

And no, I don’t just agree on everything being true for me because it makes sense while reading. I wish it worked like that. I’m a type of person that needs to experience why something is or isn’t working for me. So I take action, I try, I fail, breakdown, breakthrough and rise a lot before I learn. When I learned a lesson: I look it up in the program again and guess what: she is always right! Oh my god, Sabriyé is just like my mum!

It’s not a sweet, easy and romantic program. For me it has been a bumpy road, a messy painful ride, in which you are redirected to keep your focus on yourself. So you can grow into alignment with yourself. I find it incredibly difficult since I tend to project my inner mess on my twin. (We had a recent get-together and then separation followed). And I am still full of 3d behavior, just waking up to the incredible depth of the connection. To what it really is!!! I’m more dedicated to this journey now than I was before. I tried to escape, disconnect. But the universe is redirecting me over and over again.

For me the program is like a benchmark. A rock in my ocean where I can find shelter, shared experiences, a community (since it is so difficult to explain to my environment what is going on). I don’t write a lot about my own journey, just yet, but love to read the experiences of others in the group and react to them.

Definitely worth your money, your time, your energy! Just don’t expect an easy solution and quick reunion. Expect a deep journey into yourself. And that is exactly where you will meet your twin. Inside you. ”


The Netherlands

Is the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program the Right Fit for You?

If you are here, reading this, there is a reason

“So much of this program resonated in a profound way with me. As I worked through the modules I felt like I was having a conversation with a friend who really understood what I have been going through. I have been on this journey for several years, and I do wish I had found this earlier (although I do trust that things come to us in the right time)! I had already been doing many of the things suggested – but I am grateful for some of the extra insight that Sabriyé has provided. Plus, I can now recognize some of the areas that I am not perhaps as strong in as I need to be.

All I can really say is – if you are here, reading this, there is a reason. Trust your instincts.”


United Kingdom

What Makes The Twin Flame Tribe Different than the Other Twin Programs?

There are of course other programs being offered on the Twin Flame subject, some in a similar price range and some much cheaper as they also cover less ground and offer less support.

But above all, all these other solutions focus on the WRONG thing, they focus on Twin Flame union - instead of focusing on YOU becoming who you are meant to be.

You can't come into Twin Flame union in the same way you come into a normal old paradigm romatic relationship. If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done (Thomas Jefferson). In this lifetime you have never HAD true Twin Flame union, even if you were in a romantic relationship with your twin before, that is not union.

So you have to do something you have never done, to have true Twin Flame union even become possible.

This is what I teach you how to do in the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program.

I Teach You How to Alchemize Inner Union

Remember I told you the other providers in this industry are selling you what you want, not what you need. In the Netherlands we have a saying 'Soft healers, make stinky wounds.' It's great to think you are buying what you want, but it sucks later on to find out that it doesn’t get you the results you are looking for.

People peddling Twin Flame union are like the light products in the diet industry. Light products were introduced as the panacea to obesity, but scientific studies and general use soon proved that light products were even worse than ‘normal’ foods, often containing more calories and creating more side effects.

Light products not only did not help people lose weight, they created more discomfort and sometimes even sickness in the body.

How does that relate to Twin Flame programs that focus on the romantic union you may ask? They have the same effect, first off they do not get you in a physical romantic relationship with the twin 99.9% of the time, because that is not the primary goal of this journey. The souls use closeness and separation to bring up the subconscious wounding in the Twin Flame couple.

But on top of that they create more frustration, more pain, more delays, more running, more chasing, more obsessing, more bouts of panic, because trying to force a romantic outcome directly or indirectly (the woo-woo way) causes your twin to bolt.

This all brings you back to square one, where you started. Your Twin Flame journey, completely controlling your life and you feeling frazzled and obsessed because of it.

Are you starting to understand the stinky wound part?

My method concentrates on creating the end result of this journey; you becoming the highest expression of yourself and coming into inner union with your soul.

The rest takes care of itself, because the reality of our physical existence here on Earth, is that it mirrors back to us our inner state of being. Reality as we know it, is nothing but a reflection of what we believe and hold to be true inside ourselves. Change those beliefs and your physical reality changes with it.

Any effort or energy spent on trying to force reality to become what you want it to be, is an utter waste of time and only increases your own suffering. Any manipulation of energy, brings half-ass results (more running, more separation) and more karma that binds you to your past.

We all want instant gratification, but these so called short cuts end up becoming detours and traffic jams that keep you from getting where you want to be in your life.

And that is why I teach inner union, because it’s the ONLY real way to have what you want - when it has become an outer reflection of your own inner state of being.

For Twin Flames Who are Both Embodied

The teachings I share are extra supportive to those Twin Flames who are dealing with their twin in the physical reality. Having to deal with their twin's 3D self and ego consciousness, the advice for these twins is different than to twins whose counterpart is out of embodiment. This program focuses extra on Twin Flame connections here on earth and how to deal with that specific dynamic and how it manifests itself in the physical.

There is much more running and separation going on in twin connections, where both Twin Flames are incarnated in the physical, as there is with one twin in Spirit and the other incarnated. Another big difference is, third party relationships, your own or your twin's that bring up certain wounding that does not apply when your twin is on the other side. Being confronted with your twin's new or existing partner can trigger feelings of jealousy, feeling 'not good enough', fear of loss, etc. These are the types of issues that you need to have addressed and want guidance on, because this is what is showing up in your reality and you find it very hard to deal with them.

Many other Twin Flame teachers treat running and separation or third party situations as if they shouldn't happen, because they are themselves still stuck in 3rd dimensional thinking.

I teach that these experiences are modern day initiations of the Ascension path, because they force us to rise above ourselves and choose love, forgiveness and seeing life from the soul perspective. They are what helps us wake up out of the illusion of separation and wake up to our true self.

It Covers the Full Journey Not Just Certain Aspects of It

The Inner Union Soul Alchemy program is the most complete and extensive program out there covering the complete journey and not just certain aspects of it. I take you all the way to inner union, which is further than all the other programs out there will go.

Many of you do not need to reach full inner union, to be able to have a physical relationship with your Twin Flame or someone better. But the truth is, only your soul knows how deep you need to go into this transformation process ‘alone’. So instead of giving you a roadmap to only the part where you will no longer feel or be alone - I give you the full roadmap to coming home to yourself.

I don’t just want to sell you what you want, I want to give you what you need.

So I am giving you the whole truth, instead of half the truth.

Your intense desire for union is a good thing and it’s that intense desire that will give you the strength to follow this journey till the end, but this journey DOES NOT stop at your twin and you coming into a committed relationship together and so the program doesn’t stop there either. It describes the full soul process.

I designed the program in such a way that each module goes in-depth into the teachings of that week and every module builds on the previous one. This gives you a clear road map to the journey and assists you in your personal inner alchemical process with your beloved, no matter if you are together or apart. For the souls use closeness and distance to bring up the deeper wounding, that needs to be resolved on a soul level.

Ancient 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness Teachings from
Lemuria and Ancient Egypt

Through my own healing journey and soul retrieval work in which I brought back lost aspects of my soul that I had disowned on my own soul’s journey through time, space and the different dimensions, I recovered both Twin Flame knowledge and Ascension teachings that I had been carrying within me from ancient Egypt and the lost continent of Lemuria.

I have safeguarded this ancient secret knowledge within my soul for eons and eons, until it was time to share it again with the world. That time is now and this is also why the teachings exceed merely coming into union with the beloved, because that has always only been half of the truth.

The full truth is that the Twin Flame experience is a series of modern day initiations on your personal Ascension path.

Your soul has been preparing for this moment in time, since it split from source and you are ready for this next step in your soul’s evolution whether you realize it or not. Your soul is ready and that is why you find yourself on this journey.

The teachings I share go far beyond the creation of a romantic partnership and concentrate on the complete alchemical transformation, that this journey brings – which includes living your soul mission, ascending to a 5D based life in the physical, developing psychic abilities, balancing your inner feminine and masculine side and coming into inner union with your soul. These were all initiations that initiates in ancient Egypt underwent as part of their Ascension training. In Lemuria this was our natural state of being.

Sabriyé is the VERY BEST teacher

Since November 12, 2015 I have been catapulted onto and immersed in learning about the Twin Flame Journey. Well familiar with most of the TF teachers out there, having read hundreds and hundreds of articles, in my opinion Sabriyé is the VERY BEST teacher. In the beginning I devoured all of her free articles on The Twin Flame website. I grew to know her through the deep, very detailed, informative articles and to respect her courage, intelligence, tenacity and heart. They helped me immensely but there came a point in time when I needed to move beyond and grow more in this journey. I looked at the GGTribe from the outside for awhile not knowing what I didn’t know. I hesitated because I didn’t want to spend the money. Guided by my higher self, I finally took the leap of faith and never looked back. Totally worth it! Really. I can’t imagine where I would be without the knowledge gained from the Align To Your Divine Plan Program, the support and learning from the Tribe and the connections to Sabriye’s healers that are not shared outside of the program. I have grown immensely in my journey because I took a leap of faith and invested in myself. I’ve also benefitted from the timelessness of the modules. I’ve gone back and gained a deeper understanding of the modules from a place of higher evolution on the journey. Priceless.

If you are debating and you are actually a TF (Sabriyé has an article about how to determine if somebody is actually your TF) I would wholeheartedly recommend joining, doing the modules of the program and private healing work with Sabriye as well as with the other recommended healers. It's not that other soul/sacred/divine journeys are not important, but that the TF journey comes with VERY specific challenges that require continual readjustment of your thought process and heavy support. This group has truly given me the structure that I needed to move to the next level.

I wish you the best on your individual spiritual paths!


United States

Authentic Twin Flame Frequency and Teachings

The personal experiences I share as examples are based on a true Twin Flame connection and it’s vibrational frequency. Many people teaching Twin Flame programs think or claim to be in union with their twin while they are in fact in a mere romantic relationship with someone. Some even flat out lie about being in union themselves, just to crank up sales.

When these relationships bust as many 3D romantic relationships do even between Soul Mates, they soon claim to be in union again with someone new. Twin Flame union does not equal a romantic relationship. As these people are not dealing with the authentic Twin Flame frequency in their own connection, they cannot give you sound advice on your own journey.

They might be able to give you a procedure to come into a physical relationship, but as Twin Flames are meant to be so much more than romantic lovers, applying their teachings to your twin connection will not have the desired effect.

This is because you are not meant to have a 3D paradigm romantic love relationship with your twin, you are meant to manifest a 5D soul love connection in the physical with your Twin Flame. Twin Flames have come to collapse these old 3D romantic love relationship templates coming from a fear-based love and to bring in new relationship templates based on unconditional love.

Only authentic Twin Flame teachers can pass on this knowledge, because people in 3D romantic relationships have never experienced this dimensional difference of the frequency of love. They are like everyone else stuck in the normal world and their teachings are based on the old rules.

The Twin Flame Tribe is LGBT Friendly

Even though this program is written with the traditional his/her dynamic in mind, it is also very suitable for lesbian and gay Twin Flames. This is because we all have an inner Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and of course the soul itself is androgynous.

Even in heterosexual couples the dynamic can be reversed, where the man embodies the Divine Feminine and the woman embodies the Divine Masculine – this embodiment of the inner masculine or feminine is unrelated to gender.

Another variation of a reversed dynamic is when a female twin has a gay masculine twin, I have encountered this situation a couple of times with clients. Even in these cases Twin Flame union can be possible.

You do not have to be in a traditional boy/girl dynamic to benefit from the teachings in this program. You can apply them to your own unique situation and expect great results, because Twin Flame love is really a love against all odds. But above all, because this is about a deep journey into self, your sexual preference or identification is of course not an obstacle to inner union with your soul. People believing this are merely stuck in old paradigm thinking.

Within the Twin Flame collective and within certain Twin Flame teaching groups, you will still see remainders of homophobia and religious dogma bleeding through. This is NOT the case within the Twin Flame Tribe, I also work with heterosexual female clients who found their Twin Flame to be of the same sex when they had never before been attracted to other females. The soul devices these situations and experiences, for its own optimal evolution and they are part of one’s Divine plan. It’s what the soul chose for this embodiment, in order to work through what it wants to work through and to be able to fully wake up to the truth of one’s BEING.

Our true essence for everyone is androgynous, because the soul has no gender. The soul isn’t masculine or feminine, it’s both in complete harmony with each other.

A Mastermind Group to Support You and Accelerate Your Growth

Most programs are offered without a support group of like minded people around it, but this element is crucial for your success!

Let me explain:

Famous author Napoleon Hill who wrote Think and Grow Rich writes about the concept of Mastermind alliances which he described as: "A friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage one to follow through with both plan and purpose."

He believed that a harmonious group of two or more people who come together for a specific purpose, or around a specific topic, bring forth the power of creativity and support that you can’t find when you go it alone. Meaning that Mastermind alliances accelerate the growth of the individuals, by joining forces.

The The Twin Flame tribe comes with an Online Mastermind group with tribe members spread out over the globe to support you, cheer you on and to help you keep hope when things are tough.

As we are all in different timezones, there will always be someone online to connect with.

Imagine having your own Twin Flame support team and Soul tribe at your fingertips and with you everywhere you go on your mobile devices. Giving you the opportunity to connect to your tribe when and where you want to share your successes and to help you through the rough patches of this journey.

Because they are on this journey as well, they understand what you are going through and they have learned or are starting to learn the rules of the new special world. Which means that they will give you advice from this new paradigm consciousness, instead of the old world way of doing things that simply doesn’t work for you anymore.

This is because the deeper we go into our own inner transformation, the more we shift into a higher consciousness and the less we can rely on logic or analytical thinking - which was the only way to survive while we felt cut off from our soul.

As we reconnect to our soul more and more, we learn to see through the outer appearances - in order to see the underlying truth.

Your family and friends who remained in the normal world, have not yet learned to do so and so they can’t understand the new world that has opened up for you.

The people who have also entered this new world, do understand and they can see what you see - which really helps you feel less ‘crazy’ while you are making this BIG paradigm shift.

Is The Twin Flame Tribe the Soul Family for You?

The Twin Flame Tribe is a high vibe community of Twin Flames serious about becoming the highest expression of themselves and coming into union with their beloved. Here are some key phrases that will help you identify if we are the right peepz for you and that also gives you an idea of what you can expect from us.

Many free Twin Flame groups drown in negativity, because they attract all sorts of people - including those not actually on the Twin Flame journey.

The atmosphere of the Twin Flame Tribe is a very loving, affirming environment, where we build each other up and have each other’s backs. This is what makes it such a safe and nurturing space, which is what you need in order to be able to dive deep into your own inner transformation. You need to feel safe to express yourself, to voice your struggles and share your epiphanies.

The Tribe is really set up as a sacred and safe space for you to alchemize inner union. Join The Twin Flame Tribe

This Is the Right Community for You When:

This is NOT the Right Community for You When:

What are You Signing Up for?

The Twin Flame Tribe is a real life International community that you can connect with online. As a member you also get lifetime access to the online program Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program, with 14 weekly lessons that you can follow in your own time and pace. Each week building on to the next, helping you align deeper and deeper to your own Divine Plan and come into inner union with your soul.

No matter if you just started your Twin Flame journey or have been on it for a couple of years, doing the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program will help you become the vibrational match to the life that your soul has prepared for you, including a loving harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame or someone better.

This is not an investment you make in anybody else, this is an investment you make into your own happiness.

You deserve to have all aspects of your Divine plan fully activated, perfect health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, which together brings perfect happiness.

It is my honor to show you how to manifest your birthright and fully step into the Divine design of your life. I am able to do so, because I have walked this path myself and have fully manifested inner union with my soul. Making this inner shift has transformed my life experience, beyond anything that I ever held possible in all areas of my life. Which is what I also want for you. I want to help you fully self-actualize and have the life you have always dreamed of.

What Would this Kind of Experience be Worth to You:

If you would private coach with me for three months, which is about the time I need to lay out these principles for you, it would cost you €22,500,-- but you won’t pay that. My retreat clients spent between €5,000 to €6,000 euro to stay a week with me and my personal team of healers in places like Ibiza, Spain and Rajasthan, India - but you won’t pay that either.

The majority of Twin Flame coaches, charge around $5,000 a month for their coaching packages, and all they have to offer is quick fixes to romantic relationships - that simply don’t work. We covered the reason why their solutions don’t work before and it is because they are fighting the nature of this journey.

Instead of fighting the nature of this journey, I teach you how to work with it in order to get where you want to be. However many of you at this moment can’t afford to coach with me privately, something that actually changes through the program as it also heals your relationship with money.

But that is not where you are yet and so I have priced the Twin Flame Tribe at a fraction of what it would cost to work with me personally, while still offering you all the knowledge and support of your peers that you need in order to transform your life and alchemize inner union.

Which is why I only charge €1,997 to become a member of the Tribe.

Do you need an installment plan?
You can also pay in 4 x €397.

To get results like



or even THIS

One more time, here’s what you get:

There are no recurring costs, ever. Not even when I upgrade the program and update all the modules to reflect the new insights, I have attained through my own journey. These upgrades are free for all existing Tribe members.

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

This is really a no brainer, because all the results I help you achieve through this program and that you have heard my students speak or write about are priceless. We all want to feel more alive, happier, have better relationships with our family, co-workers and friends, experience true love, understand and love ourselves and the list goes on.

Even only a fraction of these results would be worth every penny of your investment. So take the leap, trust the Universe and your soul for guiding you here today and say 'Yes!' to yourself, because that is what happens when you join the Twin Flame Tribe - it swings open doors for you that were locked shut before. I have seen it happen for my students over and over again.

Yes, even if you would never reunite with your Twin Flame - wouldn't it be worth it if you could find true happiness in a way you have never known before, not even with your twin?

This and much more is possible for you with the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program and the support of the Twin Flame Tribe. This is your chance to take back control over your life and to break free from the shackles, that bind you to your suffering.

Sign up today, so that a year from now you will tell yourself - this was the best investment I ever made.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

Because this is such a SOUL aligned investment (i.e. your soul is happy about you putting your money here), it is not uncommon for that money to be brought back to you through different channels. Stories such as from my clients Waheeda, Sarah and the screenshot on the left don't happen all of the time, but they happen often. This is true for many of my clients and this has also always been true for me, how do you think I have afforded to work with so many healers in such a short time?

Our soul and the Universe will stop at NO LENGTHS to support us in fulfilling our true potential and so when we invest money in our own healing and soul growth, they move Heaven and Earth to shows us that they like the direction we are headed in and want us to continue. This is true whether we can barely afford it, but also when we have more than enough money.

The Universe and our soul want us to become all we can be, they want us to succeed and so naturally when we take BIG action in that direction, they give us confirmation and incentives to tell us 'YES! Good decision. Do more of this, keep going!'

Like the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho:

"And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it."

This is not just a beautiful line of prose, this is a reality you can tap into when you go after the things you want in life. But you have to take the leap in faith first, for the Universe to be able to show you that it has got your back.

But the Universe can't help you if you don't allow yourself to HAVE what you want, because you think you can't afford it. Thinking in terms of lack is old 3D paradigm thinking, that you need to shift out of in order to to unlock the 5D consciousness and reality of unlimited abundance.

Do Not Let Your EGO Talk You Out of This!

Here is the thing, you are either ready to check out this product immediately or you are having doubts. You can be doubting your connection. You could be doubting that you need a program or you could be doubting that you can afford to join (money flows where the decission goes - if you really want this, your soul will get you the money). It basically doesn’t matter where your doubt is coming from or what it is about, because it’s all self sabotage.

It's all the ego trying to maintain the status quo.

Your ego doesn't want to relinquesh dominion to the soul.

But let's take a moment here to check in with your soul.

Put your hands on your heart and connect deeply to your higher self. Ask your higher self to come in and show you the truth, right here and now. Take a deep breathe and then take the time you need to take a full inventory of your life in this moment.

Check in with your deepest essence and ask yourself the following questions:

Give yourself the time to review all aspects of your life and then ask yourself this life defining question:

If your life would be EXACTLY the same as it is now, six months out from today - would you be okay with that?

If your answer to this last question is ‘NO!’ and you are NOT OKAY with continuing your life as it is, nor do you wish to continue feeling the way you feel now, than you owe it to yourself to push all your doubts aside. Take a leap of faith and join the Twin Flame Tribe so that you can start with the Inner Union Soul Alchemy Program now.

Don't be that person that wakes up six months from now, regretting they didn't join earlier.

Join The Twin Flame Tribe

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